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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

'Bachelor' Fans Are Absolutely Disgusted With The Show Following This Season's Finale

'Bachelor' Fans Are Absolutely Disgusted With The Show Following This Season's Finale

It is never a surprise when The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, drops the line that the finale of any season of the show is going to be "the most dramatic yet," but this time, he absolutely was not kidding. 
Warning! Spoilers Ahead.

Arie's season ended with him getting down on one knee to propose to Becca, the 27-year-old publicist from Minnesota.

He chose Becca over Lauren B. in the end, and this was not the most dramatic part of the episode. 

Just when we thought all was well, Arie was having major doubts after a few weeks into the engagement and decided to break up with Becca — with a full camera crew present. 

In the raw, unedited scene, Arie told Becca — and the world — that he still had feelings for Lauren B. 

The entire moment was full of cringe, and fans could not believe it was happening right before their very eyes.

For this moment to happen on air, you would need Arie to have informed the producers that he wanted to break up with Becca, and they would then have organized the shoot. 

All this probably would have involved Becca to schedule her for filming, all with her being in the dark about what was really going on. 

Fans tore into the show, expressing how there was no need for this scene to be filmed since Bachelor couples break up all the time off camera.

People were not at all here for Arie, and dragged him for agreeing to go along with the filming of his breakup.

Many former Bachelor contestants also voiced their opinion about the finale, and they were not okay. 

Previous cast members did not hold back when it came to this season's finale, like former Bachelor Ben Higgins, who couldn't look away. 

Ben knows firsthand what it's like to break up with the woman he proposed to. 
However, Ben had the luxury of ending things with ex-fiancé Lauren without a television crew present. 

Molly Mesnick knows this situation all too well. 

Molly's current hubby, Jason, appeared as The Bachelor and broke off his engagement to DeAnna Pappas during the live "After The Final Rose" episode to be with Molly, the runner-up. 
Despite Molly ending up with the happily ever after, she still did not agree with another on-screen breakup.

Bachelor Sean Lowe threw some shade at the show that helped him land his wife, Catherine. 

Arie's own former Bachelorettes were not on his side, like Bekah M., who Arie let go earlier in the season. 

Bekah showed support for her fellow cast member, and couldn't believe Arie wouldn't leave when Becca told him to several times. 

Fans still weren't over the finale the following morning, and we honestly don't blame them. This one is going to take some time. 

Basically all of us during that entire scene.

What did you think about Arie's breakup with Becca?
Let us know in the COMMENTS if you don't think it should have been filmed or if you're always here for the dramatic tea. 

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