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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Bill Gates Goes On Reddit And The Results Are Pure Gold

Bill Gates Goes On Reddit And The Results Are Pure Gold

Bill Gates is a legend in the tech sector. He helped kick off the modern computer revolution when he built the company he co-founded, Microsoft, into a multi-billion dollar behemoth.
He also runs the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to making the world a better place.
He's also a really, really funny guy on Reddit. How so? Let's begin.

Longtime Redditors know all about his AMAs.

Short for "Ask Me Anything", AMAs give well-known people a forum in which to answer questions from Redditors. While most celebrities are only on Reddit for their AMAs, Bill Gates has been a very enthusiastic AMA subject for a few years now.

Posting as u/thisisbillgates, he fields all sorts of questions.

Sometimes he even makes videos. In this one, he's asked what's in his wallet (answer: $100, or one Benjamin, if you will). He's also asked if he'll give a million dollars to someone who asks (answer: no, he will not).

Throughout, he shares pics of his past.

These aren't the most flattering pics, either. He's clearly self-aware enough to realize that this shot, in which he's wearing a corded white sweater while wearing the dreamy expression of a lovestruck teenager as he leans on an ancient PC, hasn't aged well.

For his next AMA, he fully embraced his role as Reddit ambassador.

AMA subjects need to show proof that it's actually them doing the AMA, and Gates' proof keeps getting more elaborate. For this one, he hired someone to play the role of Snoo, Reddit's weird alien mascot.

He sees what you're doing, procrastinators.

It's all well and good for a guy with a million billion trillion dollars to mess around during the workday, but average 9-to-5ers need to be careful.

Sometimes he gets animated.

Either he has a magical message-sending shirt, or there's some trickery involved. His AMAs get insane response rates, with thousands of Redditors sending all kinds of questions his way.

A gracious host always thanks their guests.

And Bill Gates is no different. Accompanied by his good buddy Snoo, he nearly always puts out an Easter egg image or video to thank everyone.

He gets pop culture.

One of the coolest things about his Reddit presence is that he isn't there just for the AMAs. He frequently posts on all kinds of different subreddits.

In stormy seas, it's best to have Bill at the helm.

Over the years, his AMA announcement videos have gotten more and more high-concept. He typically releases a YouTube vid or two hyping the event.

Back to the iconic, borderline cringey photos.

The best way to own your awkwardness is not to shy away from it, but to, well, own it. Whether he's 18 or 60-something, he's still the same guy.

Thanks for tuning in, you guys.

Look, right here he's so appreciative of his Reddit fans that he turned himself into five different Bill Gateses to express his heartfelt gratitude. 

Back to the pop culture.

In a holiday-themed announcement (check his blazer) Gates throws in a shoutout to David S. Pumpkins, the character played by Tom Hanks on Saturday Night Live.

Bill Gates' Pro Skater.

In another creative announcement vid, he put animated versions of himself into various videos to demonstrate what he would not be doing. What was he doing, then? Answering AMA questions, of course!

Sometimes you've gotta get back to basics.

There's nothing more classic than a Polaroid snapshot, and Bill Gates makes nerd chic look great with a collared shirt and understated sweater.

As always, he appreciates his fans.

This is to say nothing of Reddit's annual Secret Santa drive. Lucky Redditors who've drawn him as their Secret Santa have a history of receiving epic gifts.

Stay tuned for his next AMA!

He clearly enjoys doing them, so it's unlikely that he'll stop this fun tradition. In between AMAs, you can always follow his Reddit musings under the name u/thisisbillgates.

What would you ask Bill Gates?

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