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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Justin Bieber Was Spotted With A Mystery Woman, And Our Jelena-Loving Hearts Can't Handle It

Justin Bieber Was Spotted With A Mystery Woman, And Our Jelena-Loving Hearts Can't Handle It

When Selena Gomez and The Weeknd parted ways in late 2017, we were shook. But we were understandably shooketh when Selena started hanging out with Justin Bieber again shortly after her breakup. 
Since the first paparazzi photos surfaced, we have been living for this Jelena reunion. But amidst recent breakup rumors, the Biebs has been spotted with a new and noticeably blonder woman on his arm...
So is this the official end of Jelena? WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! 

Things seemed to be going peachy for Justin and Selena, who attended Justin's dad's wedding together in Jamaica only a month ago. 

The pair were photographed cuddling and looking pretty darn in love. But then breakup rumors began surfacing, Selena took off to Australia...and Justin was photographed with a mystery woman — specifically, a blonde model mystery woman who shares many of the same features as Justin's ex, model Hailey Baldwin. 

A couple days ago, Justin was spotted attending a Craig David concert in West Hollywood with model Baskin Champion. 

Supposedly, Justin had his arm around Champion's waist at one point, and she was even "dancing up on him" throughout the concert.

So who is this Baskin Champion, might you ask?

Champion is a 22-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Rookie of the Year who also happened to be Miss Alabama Teen USA in 2014. If you're wondering how she met the Biebs, her sister (model Abby Champion) is dating Patrick Schwarzenegger. 

Justin and Patrick are pretty close pals, so maybe this just seemed like the easiest way to double-date with Patrick and Abby? 

Who knows? Maybe Justin and Baskin are just two attractive blonde people who are nothing more than friends.

How does Selena feel about all of this? Is that why she took off to Australia? 

COULD THIS BE THE END OF JELENA FOREVER?! Only time (and paparazzi photos) will tell.

What do you think of Justin's new mystery woman? Leave a COMMENT and let us know!

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