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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Kristen Wiig Might Play The Villain In 'Wonder Woman 2' And The Internet Is Torn About It

Kristen Wiig Might Play The Villain In 'Wonder Woman 2' And The Internet Is Torn About It

The latest casting news about the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel has already put Twitter in meltdown mode, and it's not even confirmed yet.
Fans are divided about the role Kristen Wiig could play in franchise's next installment, and the debate is getting pretty heated. 

According to Variety, Kristen Wiig is in talks to play the villain in the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Actually, a lot of people are torn about this potential casting. 
Wiig is best known for her comedic work in films like Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters

Wiig is reportedly up for the part of Cheetah, a classic archenemy of Wonder Woman's who has many incarnations in the comics.  

Initially, Cheetah had no superhero powers, but she was super jealous of Wonder Woman and sought to bring her down. 
More recently, she's been retooled as a warped version of Wonder Woman — a woman endowed with godlike powers. 

Wiig has reportedly always been near the top of Patty Jenkins' list of contenders for the villain. 

But we have no idea if Wiig is actually interested.
Jenkins is returning to the Wonder Woman franchise to write, direct, and produce the upcoming sequelWonder Woman is currently the most critically acclaimed film in the DC extended universe.

While it's not what she's known for, Kristen Wiig isn't a stranger to playing dramatic roles. 

She played serious roles in both Mother! and The Martian.
One fan also pointed out that her role on The Last Man on Earth was both sympathetic and villainous.  
But others were skeptical — and honestly, I don't blame them...

It's no secret that the DC extended universe has a huge villain problem.  

There are certainly a lot of flaws in the DC movies, but not one of them (including Wonder Woman) has managed to pull off a compelling villain. 
Steppenwolf (Justice League), Enchantress (Suicide Squad) and Ares (Wonder Woman) are some of the most underwhelming villains in recent memory.  

Cheetah might finally be the villain to pull DC out of their villain slump.

In a recent comic storyline, Cheetah is an archaeologist (uh-oh, Enchantress parallels...) who works closely with Diana.
While seeking evidence that ancient gods are real, she is forcibly transformed into Cheetah and blames Diana for not rescuing her.

All the best conflicts in the MCU are between characters that have had a close relationship or are literally related. 

Think about Captain America's anguish when he had to fight his lifelong friend in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, or about Killmonger's loathing for T'Challa that stemmed from being abandoned by his family. 

Of course, Twitter is torn over the news. 

I mean, there's nothing people like to argue about online more than superhero movies.
While some people are reacting positively to the news and defending the choice, others are being pretty ruthless. 

Honestly, a lot of the best superhero movies feature actors who have comedic roots.  

Umm, Chris Pratt?!
Many fans brought up Aubrey Plaza's stellar performance in Legion and Heath Ledger's turn as the Joker as proof that comedians makes thrilling villains.

 Also, if anyone could pull this off, it's Patty Jenkins. 

I'm sure people said that Charlize Theron was the wrong choice to play Aileen Wuornos in Monster, but Jenkins did it anyway, and Theron ended up winning the Oscar for Best Actress. 

Wonder Woman 2 is expected to be set in America in the 1980s, and the Cold War will play a prominent role. 

If I'm being honest, I'm just really excited to see Diana with teased hair and wearing leg warmers and action sequences set to '80s pop music. 

Wiig hasn't confirmed or denied her involvement yet, so we will just have to wait and see what happens. 

Honestly, it's really good to know that Jenkins certainly isn't playing it safe.
Wonder Woman 2 is scheduled to be released November 1, 2019. 
What do you think about this casting? COMMENT and let us know! 

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