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Sunday, 18 March 2018

The Royal Family Dress Code You Never Knew Existed

The Royal Family Dress Code You Never Knew Existed

With the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fast approaching, all eyes have been looking across the pond. 
But before you go plotting how you're going to get your invitation to the big day, know that the title comes with an expectation that you'll dress to the nines...within limit. 
Tiara's certainly can't be worn by just anyone. Sorry! In fact, the entire family follows a strict text book of rules

1. Little boys can only wear shorts.

Tiny Prince George can literally ONLY wear shorts, even if it's cold outside. As per tradition, pants are considered to be too manly — little boys can make the leap to pants around eight or nine

2. Purses serve a greater purpose if you're the queen.

In case you didn't know, the queen has a secret language with her purse. For example, putting it on the table means she would like to leave for dinner in the next five minutes: she's hungry AF.

3. Panty hose or no legs at all because by now, we know that modesty is essential.

With the ease at which panty hose rip, I don't even want to know how many pairs each the Duchess of Cambridge goes through in a year.

4. Royals can forget about putting their assets on display.

If bear legs aren't allowed, you can guess that cleavage certainly isn't. The girls have the misfortune of living in a fabric prison, but it's a small price when you live in the palace.

5. Nail polish is strictly forbidden.

The royals like their fingers o'natural. Don't even think about getting a bright color: the queen has literally been wearing the same nude pink since 1989.

6. The queen must wear bright colors, and it's not to make up for the lack of nail polish.

The plethora of neon colors aren't due to the queen's bubbly personality but is for the purpose of being seen in large crowds.

7. The royals must always have a black outfit handy.

When you're traveling abroad, you must always have a black outfit on hand in case of an unexpected death. Showing up in a flamboyant outfit would so not be cool.

8. Even if a royal is sweating to death, their coat must stay on when they're in public.

For women, coats are essentially a royal straight jacket: it's seen as unladylike to take it off.

9. Hats aren't a personal choice if you're the queen. Consider them an appendage from her head. 

Queen Elizabeth II seems to sprout beautiful hats from her noggin. Once again, it's due to an old tradition that keeps women from showing their hair to the world.

10. But you can take your hat off after 6 p.m. for a very good reason.

The hat rule does not apply in the evenings because that's a queen or princess' time to shine and wear a tiara. Duh!

11. If one of the royals is carrying a bouquet of flowers, it must contain myrtle (whatever that is).

Apparently, this flower signifies love and marriage, so you'll definitely see it in Meghan Markle's wedding bouquet. 

12. Clutches have another use as royal shields.

Princess Diana would often use her clutch to keep her modesty and you can see the royals holding them with both hands to deter awkward situations. "Eww, don't touch me, stranger!"

13. There is a thing among the royals called "glove etiquette." 

Gloves can be worn on route to an event, while shaking hands, standing in a receiving line, or dancing...but NEVER at dinner.

14. Outfits aren't chosen at random but can actually mean something.

A lot of times, the royals will wear certain colors or accents to celebrate the country they're in. Thankfully, it's a maple leaf and not a beaver pictured during a visit to Canada.

15. Never, ever, under any circumstance wear wedges around the queen.

Word on the street is that the queen HATES wedges. Don't bring cork anywhere near her if it's on your feet because she simply "doesn't care for it."

16. Lastly, not just anyone can wear a tiara (sorry, Meghan, you've gotta earn your crown).

You can't just reach sparkly, unicorn status overnight! Tiaras are reserved for first-time brides and married royals. 

Who knew the royal family had such a strict dress code! LET US KNOW which rule you think is the worst in the COMMENTS!

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