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Saturday, 24 March 2018

This Makeup Artist Transforms Himself Into Different Kardashians, And We're Thoroughly Shook

This Makeup Artist Transforms Himself Into Different Kardashians, And We're Thoroughly Shook

I've never understood how some people are just so incredibly talented at doing makeup. Making sure that my foundation is properly blended is still a daily struggle for me. So you can probably imagine my shock when I discovered this makeup artist who transforms himself into different members of the Kardashian-Jenner family. 
His creations definitely take hours, but the resemblance when he presents his finished product is almost uncanny. Don't believe me? Well, then, you'd better just have a look for yourself. 

Meet Stefan Subotic, Serbian makeup artist and drag queen extraordinaire. 

Even with a totally bare face, Stefan serves up looks that would rival the Kardashians himself. 
So it only makes sense that he would try his hand at transforming himself into them.

Just to get you warmed up for the level of Stefan's talent, check out this wild transformation. 

Stefan constantly turns into different drag personas and posts the finished products to his Instagram page. 
Those brows! That contouring! I think I need to take a makeup class or something. 

And although Stefan loves the Kardashians, he's also turned himself into different celebrities before, too. 

Check out this Paris Hilton transformation. The nose, eyes, and lips are 100% Paris. 
I wonder if she's seen this yet... Can someone please show her?! 

But when it comes to the Kardashians, Stefan was basically born to transform himself into them using makeup. 

Just TRY to tell me that this Kris Jenner transformation isn't wildly impressive. 
You can't, because that would be a lie. And no one likes a liar. 

Here's a closeup just to drive home his skills even more. 

I honestly have no idea how someone is this good at makeup. You could show me the photo on the right and I'd have no clue that it wasn't Kris herself. 

Stefan is one of Kim's biggest fans, as seen in this Kim makeup transformation. 

Holy smokes. His wig selection is even on point! 
Stefan revealed that this look took him four hours to complete, but it probably would've taken me four weeks. 

Turning oneself into Kylie Jenner is definitely not an easy thing, but Stefan was up for the challenge. 

And I'm pretty sure those lips would be 100% Kylie-approved. He even used her lipstick! 

You probably don't need me to tell you that this is another makeup look inspired by Kimmy dearest. 

Between the arched brows, spider lashes, and icy blonde wig, I'd say that Kim would fully endorse this look. 

Just because Stefan is so good, I seriously feel the need to showcase even more of his makeup transformations. 

HOW?! Really, how does he even do this? 
That highlight, tho. 

Stefan knows that nothing vamps up a look like a strong red lip. 

This entire beauty look is to die for. 
Stefan, can you do my makeup before my next night on the town? 

Stefan already has amazing bone structure, but he sure does know what to do with a contour kit. 

And with a brow pencil. And with false lashes. 
I'm suddenly feeling very inadequate when it comes to my own beauty routine. 

So far, Stefan has blessed us with transformations of Kris, Kylie, and Kim. 

Time to take on Kendall, Khlo√©, and Kourtney next! 
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