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Saturday, 3 March 2018

What can we expect from Masterchef 2018 in the first episode

What can we expect from Masterchef 2018 in the first episode

When will these amateur cooks learn not to over-complicate their dishes, and make sure they can finish them in time? Once again the six contestants serve up weird ingredient combinations (if you’re being polite you could say interesting or eclectic), which don’t always work. Several are very rushed, and for some reason, one cook is obsessed with putting a dollop of purple purée on his plate.

“We’re either going to be bowled over or bowled out,” jokes John Torode, who seems to think it’s dress-down Friday, as he’s wearing a T-shirt and cardi. At least Gregg Wallace rises to the occasion with his smart waistcoat.

Among the guest judges is last year’s winner Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, so pity the poor contestant who’s decided to serve curry, a dish that Mahmood Ahmed knows a thing or two about. One of the contestants really impresses, though: “Knocked it out the park”, “Look at the skills on the show!” are among the comments.

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