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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Woman Fights Back After Rude Customer Sends Her Awful Messages About Her Work

Woman Fights Back After Rude Customer Sends Her Awful Messages About Her Work

If you've ever worked as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or even side-hustler, you know how hard valuing and pricing your work can be. Even if what you are selling is just a hobby for you, it's important to set a fair wage for yourself and still cover material costs.

As someone who has done all of the above, I've definitely struggled with finding the right pricing while still making it worth my time to create something. It's a challenge!

Katt, who posts about her crochet creations on her Instagram page, is a flight instructor who crochets in her spare time.

She has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which affects tissue in the skin and blood vessels, and crocheting is her outlet.

She often posts her creations online, modeled by herself and her cat, Kovu.

While this is not a full-time gig for Katt, she does take commission projects on occasion.
Her work is beautiful so I can see why!

From blankets and stockings to matching hats for her and Kovu, Katt makes some pretty gorgeous stuff!

She is even talented in cross-stitching and other crafts, so she shares those on her growing Instagram page as well!

But recently Katt got a message from a potential customer that was so rude, she had to share it with the maker community to get their input.

This person even threatened to ruin her business and reputation.

The person, who Katt has made annoymous, requests a big order.

They want a large (queen-sized) blanket made out of 100% wool. When Katt takes a few days to respond, the customer gets angry. When she quotes her price, they get even angrier.

When Katt quotes the customer at $400, they continue to berate her.

"I can literally go to Walmart and get a blanket for $15."
Sick of it, Katt answers, "Then go to Walmart and get a blanket."

The customer does not give up, asking how Katt could possibly come up with that price.

Even if you aren't a maker by trade, you've got to know that a huge blanket with 100% wool isn't going to be cheap.

He claims that craft stores always have sales, so she should be getting the wool on sale and charging him less.

He even suggests that she give him a "friends and family" discount because she took so long to respond to her.

The customer even tries to guilt Katt by saying the blanket is for his ill girlfriend. A girlfriend who just happens to desperately need a 100% queen-sized wool blanket, I guess.

But Katt stays firm at her original quote of $400. And with a customer this annoying? I honestly wouldn't do it for any less either.

When the customer threatens to ruin her business, Katt lets them know she doesn't even have a business.

This is just a hobby she does on the side, and only does commissions occasionally because she doesn't like doing them that much.
I wouldn't either if I had to deal with jerks like this.

Katt shared the exchange on Reddit, and there are lots of people sharing similar stories.

This doesn't surprise me at all, especially as people seem to forget all the work that goes into making beautiful things.

The guy offered Katt $70 to make the blanket, but her counteroffer was $800. You go, Katt!

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