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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Woman Tells Company About Creepy Delivery Guy And Their Response Is Part Of The Problem

Woman Tells Company About Creepy Delivery Guy And Their Response Is Part Of The Problem

When you think about it, we put a great deal of faith into the fact that people are generally good. I'm not going to suggest that they're not, but I do think we are always more surprised than we should be when someone is a creep. 
Take, for example, Michelle Midwinter, who recently had a creepy run-in with a deliveryman she encountered after using the popular app, Just Eat. While this in itself is distressing enough, what is worse is how the company responded to her concerns — and it needs to be addressed.

Michelle placed and order with Just Eat for delivery.

When you order food through Just Eat, you have to provide a lot of personal information, including your phone number and address.

It doesn't seem odd to share that info, and it shouldn't be.

But, of course, there are going to be people who take advantage of situations, like the Just Eat driver who sent these messages to Michelle.

When Michelle tried to take the issue to Just Eat, she wasn't impressed with the response she got.

The company didn't address the actual issue at all and tried to offer her vouchers, like that would ever make a difference. 

Michelle shared the story on Twitter so that people would be aware of the situation.

Slowly, people started coming forward with various, similar stories to her own.

The reactions to her post made her realize that the issues she was having were part of a way bigger problem. 

It isn't acceptable that people can't even order food for delivery without having to worry about creeps.

There was a press released put out about Michelle's experience. 

She posted it to clarify all the details of the situation and to make a formal complaint.

She raises many questions about why this happened, and what steps should be considered to make sure this doesn't continue to happen. 

All the questions she asks are valid and should be answered by Just Eat and any company who has employed someone who has acted this way. 

Michelle's experience is not great, but we're glad she started this conversation. Some of you may even have your own stories about a similar experience! Things need to change; this isn't OK!

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