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Sunday 1 April 2018

15 Things That Happened In '90s Movies That Totally Wouldn't Fly Today

15 Things That Happened In '90s Movies That Totally Wouldn't Fly Today

'90s movies are truly something else — from the makeovers, to teen angst, to the slang used. Growing up, those movies shaped my life, and some simply just can't be replicated. 
But in some cases, it's for the better because, tbh, parts of those movies are ignorant AF and simply wouldn't fly in today's inclusive society.
It may have seemed normal back then, but we had a lot of learning to do. Case in point: these 15 cringe-worthy moments. 

1. When the male cheerleaders were made fun of in Bring It On.

Our society is way past the joke that male cheerleading correlates with sexuality. Not only that but  also the notion that any activity can be gender-based. Guys and gals can do whatever they want.

2. When the leading lady in Clueless was portrayed as vapid and ignorant.

Gone are the days where female leads are only portrayed as airheads. Today, women are offered more dynamic roles. And while I loved watching Clueless, the liberal use of the word "retard" and Paul Rudd's predator-like ways now make me cringe. 

3. When Josie went undercover in Never Been Kissed.

Ever heard of Facebook? Those high school kids would have looked up the new girl — who didn't even bother to change her name — in a heartbeat, and her cover would be blown. These undercover in high school movies don't fly.

4. The intolerance in Mrs. Doubtfire.

A movie making a joke out of cross-dressing may have been hilarious and innocent back in the day, but today, it's mean-spirited and transphobic. Not to mention, Robin Williams plays a downright awful father. 

5. When high school girls were objectified in She's All That.

The original '90s teen makeover movie! Just one problem: it taught girls that they're pieces of meat who should choose beauty over education. Oh, how the times have changed!

6. When Pocahontas was a false depiction of character.

Disney took a real person and changed her story to fit their audience. There was no romance in this story of oppression, and giving the hero a romantic storyline shouldn't have driven the movie or her motive!

7. When David Wooderson from Dazed and Confused was so comfortable and open about being a predator.

His famous inappropriate line, "That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age," is frankly enraging.

8. When Ace Ventura: Pet Detective portrayed trans individuals as repulsive.

When the villain was revealed as a man rather than a woman, everyone in the room began vomiting. Ummm, how about no? There's nothing repulsive about being yourself.

9. The entire plot of American Beauty.

Besides the fact that Kevin Spacey in anything is no longer acceptable given recent controversies, American Beauty's main character, a middle-aged man, is obsessed with his teenage daughter's best friend. Go away, dad. 

10. When American Pie made a joke out of a relationship between a high school student and his buddy's mom.

Stifler's mom was the source of many laughs over the American Pie years, but today, women are taught to embrace their sexuality, not be ashamed of it.

11. When there was no greater insult than being gay in Can't Hardly Wait.

They throw around the homophobic F-word like it's nothing. There is no way derogatory terms like that would fly in teen rom-coms today. 

12. When Empire Records gave us extremely one-dimensional female characters.

The three women in the movie are only given the role of either wholesome, slutty, or damaged, while the many men in the movie are given real character development. Time's up...

13. When Kat needed a man to change her in 10 Things I Hate About You.

There's no denying that Kat Stratford was the ultimate teen feminist, but she was portrayed as angry and bitter until she found love with Patrick. Not to mention, Joseph Gordon Levitt exploited her for his own benefit. 

14. When a girl was secretly filmed in American Pie.

Hello, this is literally a jailable offense. The boys betrayed the trust of Nadia when they filmed and broadcast her nude body online without her consent. 

15. All the controversy in Jawbreaker.

I don't know about you, but I loved Rose McGowan after this. And now, looking back, I realize that that much of this film was problematic...most specifically when the girls stage a rape so that it doesn't look like they killed their friend. 

How these were acceptable is mind boggling! 

While I still enjoy a classic '90s movie, it's a bit shocking to see that not so long ago, we were living in a completely different world. Luckily, we've come a long way!

What other moments in '90s movies wouldn't fly today? SHARE in the COMMENTS!

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