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Sunday, 15 April 2018

16 Controversial Parenting Decisions The Internet Roasted The Kardashians For

16 Controversial Parenting Decisions The Internet Roasted The Kardashians For

For celebrities, it's next to impossible to post anything on social media these days and not be criticized for it. When you're raising kids, those hateful comments skyrocket, because everybody has an opinion on how to raise children. 
The Kardashian family is constantly growing and welcoming new babies, but with that comes a lot of hate from the internet. 

1. Kylie Jenner welcomed her daughter, Stormi, at the start of the year.

On social media, Kylie shared a push present that her boyfriend, Travis Scott, bought for her. 
It was a black Ferrari LaFerrari, apparently valued at $1.4 million. It was extravagant enough to make anyone jealous, but fans were pretty furious.

Unsurprisingly, some followers were very quick to slam Kylie because there was no room for a car seat in the Ferrari. 

Although, anyone who's been around long enough knows that Kylie has an extensive car collection, and most of them are baby friendly.

2. A month after Stormi was born, Kylie posted a picture of her holding her daughter.

Fans called Kylie out for having long nails. They were worried she'd hurt Stormi, and it would be impossible to change diapers with nails like that.
Something tells me she has a lot of hands on deck to help her change diapers, so I wouldn't worry.

3. Kim shared a topless photo with her fans, and credited her daughter, North, as the photographer. 

You can imagine that fans wasted no time giving Kim a hard time for letting North take this photo. One user even called it "subpar parenting."

4. Back when North was just a baby, Kim posted this pretty adorable pic of her on Instagram.

Fans figured her eyebrows looked a little too perfect and called Kim out for waxing them.
Kim jokingly denied the allegations and tweeted out that she wouldn't wax her brows until she was at least two-and-a-half.

5. One time, Kim shared a photo where she so obviously cropped out her daughter.

Fans put her on blast for it, but also just laughed at her and wondered why she did it.

Again, she took to Twitter to defend herself and her photo choices.

"Her eyes were closed and I was feeling my look! Can I live?!?!" she wrote. 
I mean, she did look really good.

6. Kourtney is a busy mama of three, and even she isn't free of criticism from time to time.

Like when she let Penelope and Reign sit on the hood of a  Mercedes G-Wagon (which costs upwards of $100,000).
The comment section was full of people telling Kourt that she was showing off her wealth and just generally not happy with what she let her kids do.

7. Kourtney shared a picture of her and Penelope with the caption, "Our Oscar Sunday. Yes, that's a lip ring. Thanks @kimkardashian," and as you can imagine, fans freaked out. 

"What type mother are you this is sad," one user wrote.
It's pretty obvious that the lip ring is fake, but that didn't matter to the outraged fans.

8. At the end of 2017, Kim's son, Saint, was hospitalized.

Fans accused her of leaving him in the hospital while she threw a New Year's Eve party, but that simply wasn't the case. 
"Don't even try me when it comes to my kids," she wrote on Twitter.

9. Back around Christmastime, Kim shared a picture from the family Christmas card that featured her nephew, Reign.

Fans were upset because his hair was too long, and apparently, only girls are allowed to have long hair. 
Shame on Kourtney, right? 🙄 

10. Last year, North was photographed by paparazzi wearing a dress with an apparent corset top. 

Fans thought it was absolutely ridiculous, and told Kim to "let the child be a child."

She responded by sharing a video of the dress.

She clarified that she would never put her daughter in a corset, and that it was just a dress with decorative cotton fabric that laces up.

11. On Instagram, fans spotted that North seemed to have hair extensions put in.

"Celebrity like Kim kardashian make me furious she put hair extensions on north YOUR CHILD IS NOT A FASHION ACCESSORY DO YOU THINK SHES COMFORTABLE IN THOSE CLOTHES AND BULKY SHOES YOU OUT HER IN NO SHES NOT A DOLL," one fan angrily tweeted out.

12. Kourtney was also slammed after Khloé posted a picture with her niece, Penelope, who was rocking hair extensions as well. 

"Extension hair on a child. sheesh, very very weird," another fan wrote.

13. Back in 2013, Kim shared one of North's milestones: going swimming for the first time. 

One user in particular called Kim out for not spending enough time with her children, and Kim clapped back with an impressive tweet. 
"Bc I don't tweet or instagram my every move w my daughter means I am not with her 247? We share what we want," she wrote

What do you think about the Kardashian's parenting styles? COMMENT and tell us your thoughts!

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