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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Chris Pratt And The Rock Are Trolling Each Other On Instagram, And It's Pure Gold

Chris Pratt And The Rock Are Trolling Each Other On Instagram, And It's Pure Gold

If I had to choose two action stars to be paired up on the big screen, I'd pick Chris Pratt and The Rock. Not only do these guys have all the rugged combat skills necessary for an action-packed blockbuster, but they're also both absolutely hilarious.   
Need proof? Keep reading.

The other day, Chris Pratt shared a snippet of his hilarious cardio routine.

"For today’s workout I super set hyper-mini-sprints with ultimate-handsome-power-walking followed by a quick set of victory dance fist," wrote Chris.
"Got the entire workout done in under 20 seconds. Burned probably two hundred thousand calories minimum," he added.

Then Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (actor, fitness guru, and overall superior human being) commented on the video.

"I bow down to your fitness ways king 👑," joked Dwayne.
Imagine that! The Rock, a man whose warm-up probably involves deadlifting an 18-wheeler, bowing down to the fitness wisdom of Chris Pratt.

After Chris caught wind of Dwayne's ironic comment, he decided to one-up him with a hilariously sarcastic response.

"You'll get there bro," replied Chris. "It'll take you decades if you commit yourself," he added.
This interaction between Chris Pratt and the Rock just gave me life. I feel renewed.

Can we get more moments between Chris Pratt and The Rock?

Or, like, an entire 140-minute feature film? And then two or three sequels on top of that?
Give the people what they want!

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