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Friday 13 April 2018

Krishnarjuna Yuddham movie review

Krishnarjuna Yuddham movie review

Nani is going great guns in his career with back to back hits. Next in line is Krishnarjuna Yuddham which is directed by Merlapaka Gandhi. The film has released today on a massive scale and let's see how it turns out to be.


Krishna(Nani) is a happy go lucky youth from Chittoor who falls in love with Riya(Ruksar Mir). He spends quality time with her and right when the couple accepts each other’s love, Riya goes missing. On the other hand, somewhere in Prague, Krishna’s look alike, Arjun(Nani) is a pop singer who tries to woo Subba Lakshmi(Anupama). Upset with Arjun’s behaviour Subba Lakshmi leaves to India but she too goes missing as soon as she lands in Hyderabad. Rest of the story is as to how Krishna and Arjun cross each other’s paths and find their respective lovers.


Director Merlapaka Gandhi could have made Krishnarjuna Yuddham without having Nani playing the double role of Krishna and Arjun. He could have made this film about Krishna’s battle for love as Arjun feels like an afterthought in the narration.

Krishnarjuna Yuddham begins with an amateurishly shot and edited kidnapping scene of a girl (played by an uncredited actor) in the city of Hyderabad. It just foreshadows the danger lurking in the shadows of the busy city. After showing the first kidnapping through a series of numerous purposeless cut-in shots, the director leaves it there and moves straight into Chittoor, where Krishna lives.

Krishna is a dejected and desperate soul constantly in search of love. All the young girls he has proposed in his village have rejected him because he has no standard job, income or an asset to his name. For some reason, he keeps hearing Ilaiyaraaja’s songs whenever he gets emotional. The Telugu versions of Ilaiyaraaja’s hit numbers have been used so often in the narration, that it feels like composer Hiphop Tamizha’s tribute to the maestro.

However, as fate would have it, Riya (Rukshar Mir), a doctor by profession, who comes from Hyderabad to Chittoor to visit her sarpanch grandfather (Nagineedu), falls for Krishna’s charm and innocence. The film keeps intercutting between Krishna’s life in his village and Arjun’s in Prague, who has dated over 200 girls, including a police officer. He is a millionaire, a rockstar and a guy who gets caught making out with the bride on her wedding day. He’s unkind and selfish until he sees Anjali (Anupama Parameswaran). He transforms into a caring and generous being. And Merlapaka makes sure to rub this transformation in the audience’s face in a scene where he gives away all his wealth to buy a yacht in a crucial chase sequence. A subtle suggestion about change in the character would have been more effective.

The character of Arjun is half-baked and it seems like Merlapaka only created him so that he could share the load of the plot with Krishna. In the second half, he is reduced to a side-kick, while Krishna does all the weight-lifting.

In fact, the filmmakers have done an amateur job with the special effects in bringing Krishna and Arjun in the same frame.

The only good thing to come out of Arjun’s character is Urime Manase, a beautifully composed romantic number. If not for this character, this song won’t have a place in the story. Arjun does little to take the story forward and actually, he slows down the film.

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