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Monday, 9 April 2018

Mindy Kaling Got Turned Into A Meme, And Her Twitter Response Has Us Clapping

Mindy Kaling Got Turned Into A Meme, And Her Twitter Response Has Us Clapping

Twitter is like the human body, and memes are like the 24-hour flu — they come and go so quickly, we hardly get a chance to dissect them before they're gone. 
One particular meme, however, has resurfaced in a slightly different form (or strain) on Twitter.
And Mindy Kaling was anything but here for it.

Most people remember this Gucci Mane meme, posted by Rihanna after she was body shamed by the media.

Rihanna shared the photo in mid-2017 as a response to those who made negative comments about her weight.
These glo up memes have come in various forms throughout the past few years, including such on-going Twitter moments as the #GloUpChallenge

And now, the latest version of this meme is currently blowing up Twitter.

This time around, people are posting glo ups of celebrities and captioning them: If you don't love me at my [insert old photo], then you don't deserve me at my [insert new photo].

One person decided to use Mindy Kaling in this viral meme.

The user first posted a photo of Kelly Kapoor (Mindy's character in The Office) from Season 5's "Weight Loss" episode. 
In the screengrab, Kelly is looking weary after starving herself for the office's weight loss challenge.
The second pic is Mindy Kaling looking glamorous on a red carpet.

Of course, this person probably didn't think Mindy herself would respond to the meme.

Boy, oh boy, were they ever wrong.
Not only was Mindy's response hilarious, it also made a pretty important point about these memes in general.

Yes ðŸ‘ Mindy ðŸ‘You ðŸ‘ Are.

Mindy was quick to defuse the joke by responding with a hilarious remark about the photos.
She acted genuinely confused as to how they were at all different from one another.

All Mindy saw was two smokin' hot babes.

Of course, Mindy did understand the meme. 
She's a hilarious human being, so obviously she got the joke.
But her counter-joke was actually a heck of a lot funnier.

And it's part of the reason we love her so much.

As anyone who's seen The Mindy Project knows, Mindy has no problem poking fun at herself.
But her response brought to light some important questions, like why do we always have to "glo up"? Why can't we look back at ourselves and see a different kind of beauty, rather than just a "before" photo?

Although, that wasn't the message everyone took away from Mindy's response.

Instead, some people felt that the meme was focusing on the color difference in Mindy's skin between the two photos
But Mindy was quick to reply to that as well.

The creator of the meme responded first, claiming that the images were not chosen to compare Mindy's skin tone. 

And then Mindy weighed in, letting everyone know that she wasn't offended by the contrast of lighting between the two photos.

At the end of the day, memes are jokes, and they aren't meant to be taken seriously.

But it's still important to recognize beauty in yourself at all stages of your life.

At least, that's the message Mindy appears to be sending. 

Mindy has the ability to be confident, recognize her own beauty, and make fun of herself — which is the best combo of all.

Basically, Mindy Kaling is a freakin' treasure.

Let's all take a moment to be thankful that Mindy Kaling is in our lives. 
And also, that she weighed in on this meme, because her response was, like, crazy inspirational.

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