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Friday, 20 April 2018

People Think That Wikipedia Might Have Just Confirmed Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy

People Think That Wikipedia Might Have Just Confirmed Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy

Remember during high school when our teachers told us not to trust Wikipedia, as it's not a reliable source? Well, the joke's on them because the internet is fairly convinced that the site just confirmed Kylie Jenner's pregnancy. 
We've been waiting MONTHS for an official confirmation, and since none of the Kardashians have confirmed the news themselves, we're taking this as the next best thing. 

The timeline of Kylie Jenner's alleged pregnancy began sometime in the fall of 2017, and by this point, the not-knowing has downright exhausted us. 

There have been infinite conspiracy theories, fake sightings, and even a rumor that Kim used Kylie as her surrogate, which was later shut down.

Anyways, Wikipedia might have spilled the beans on the secret pregnancy via their list of episodes for Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Wikipedia originally posted that Episode 19 of this current season was called "We're Expecting!" although they failed to post the episode description. Since Khlo√© had already announced that she and Tristan were expecting, people are pretty convinced this episode must be about Kylie

Curiously enough, Wikipedia chose to remove the episode name shortly after fans made this revolutionary discovery. 

Now, Episode 19 doesn't appear at all — no episode name, no air date, nothing. Side note, could this episode be about Kourtney? Are she and boyfriend Younes Bendjima expecting? It is possible. 

But as per usual, we STILL have no official confirmation of Kylie's pregnancy. 

I swear, if she pops up next month and was never pregnant, I will be boycotting the Kardashian family for the rest of eternity. 

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