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Tuesday 10 April 2018

Sri Reddy Leaks – US NRIs super tens.

Actress Sri Reddy who has been in news for controversial statements and leaks on Son of a Top Tollywood producer has ruffled quite a few feathers far from Tollywood. A number of stars, starlets visit the US very frequently and a number of NRIs encourage them actively by arranging ‘Meet & Greets’ in all main cities. It is an open secret that some of these stars visit the US on a business visa just to entertain NRIs.

Now, the startling revelations on Tollywood by Sri Reddy are causing consternation among few NRIs who have spent some quiet time with her. For starters, Sri Reddy is a very active participant in NRI events and conferences. She was very active during NATA Convention May 2016 in Dallas. During every conference, there are after party events daily and a number of NRIs have spent ‘Private time’ with this starlet. Now, these NRIs are quite disturbed and have been calling media friends in Hyderabad to see what other proofs she has.

“Sri Reddy has been visiting the US very frequently from the last few years. A lot of people I know personally, chatted with her on WhatsApp. She starts off sending ‘inviting’ messages. There are a lot of people who might have fell to that and continued the conversation. She is known to take selfies with people who have spent private time with her. So people are quite worried about this Srileaks” quips an NRI, who has a key role in a Telugu Organization.

Now, a million dollar question would be whether Srileaks are limited to Tollywood or spread to the USA. If spread to the USA, expect some fireworks on who is who of Telugu fraternity.

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