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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Internet Is Losing Its Freaking Mind Over Chadwick Boseman's 'Wakanda Whatever' Meme

The Internet Is Losing Its Freaking Mind Over Chadwick Boseman's 'Wakanda Whatever' Meme

If you think the internet is going to let you slide when you show up to your movie's premiere looking less than enthusiastic, you are just so wrong. 
That's exactly what happened to Chadwick Boseman when he rolled up to the Avengers: Infinity War and attempted to give his iconic Wakanda salute. 

Those familiar with Black Panther are aware of the salute, in which King T'Challa crosses his arms and proudly states, "Wakanda Forever." It's a powerful moment...usually.

Chadwick Boseman showed up to the Infinity War premiere and attempted to salute his fans. However, people took note of his lackluster facial expression, and Twitter had a field day. 

The internet quickly compared Chadwick's most recent pose to another where he looks just a tad more excited. It's definitely a change in tone from "YAAAAAAAS" to "I guess, if I'm not too busy."

Like, I mean, sure? 

We are feeling these memes on a deep, deep personal level. 

This might actually be a glimpse into T'Challa's inner monologue. Too late now, your majesty. 

You can never stop. Accept it, Chadwick — you're stuck with this pose until the end of time. 

This! This is absolutely what happened. Angela Bassett was standing behind Chadwick, yelling this in his ear. 

We hope Chadwick finds these funny because you bet your bottom dollar we sure do. 

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