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Friday, 20 April 2018

The Internet Thinks They Know What Kylie Jenner Named Her Baby, And It Makes Total Sense

The Internet Thinks They Know What Kylie Jenner Named Her Baby, And It Makes Total Sense

Sure, a handful of people are still talking about the Super Bowl. But it's safe to say that this annual sporting event was definitely outshone by Kylie Jenner's announcement that she had given birth to a baby girl (those Kardashians definitely know how to time their publicity). 
After months of wishing and waiting for this confirmation, we're overjoyed. And after watching a video of pregnancy moments and memories that Kylie posted to YouTube, fans are convinced they know what her daughter's name is. 

The theory surrounding Kylie's baby's name started with a close-up in the video that focuses on a diamond butterfly necklace being worn by Kylie. 

There are also multiple shots of the baby's nursery, which show the walls decorated with tiny, glittering butterflies. 

For the next piece of evidence, celebrity tattoo artist Jon Boy shared this photo of Kylie and Travis Scott sporting matching butterfly tattoos, and wished them congratulations for their "little miracle." 

It's also important to note that Scott has a song called "Butterfly Effect."

All of these clues lumped together seem to suggest that Kylie and Travis named their baby girl Butterfly. 

As interesting as this name is, we must remember that it is the Kardashian family we're talking about here. Normal names aren't in their vocabulary. 

Lots of fans questioned whether the baby's name could actually be Karner, which is a type of blue butterfly. 

The Karner butterfly looks eerily similar to the one on Kylie's diamond necklace. Plus, it follows the tradition of the K names in the Kardashian family. 

What do you think Kylie named her baby?
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