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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Twitter Is Convinced It's Discovered The Name Of Khloé Kardashian's Baby

Twitter Is Convinced It's Discovered The Name Of Khloé Kardashian's Baby

Poor Khloé Kardashian. The reality star gave birth to a baby girl yesterday during what should be the happiest time of her life. However, just a few days ago, photos and videos began surfacing alleging that Khloé's boyfriend and father of her daughter, Tristan Thompson, has been cheating on her with multiple women. 
Fans are certainly not forgetting about Tristan's apparent actions, but they are taking a short break from slamming the NBA player to theorize about what Khloé may have named her baby girl. And I must say, the theories are pretty darn convincing. 

After a year of wild Kardashian-Jenner baby names, many fans wondered if Khloé, too, would choose a weather or direction-themed name for her baby. 

We've had North. We've had Stormi. Could Lightning be a contender? 
Gosh, I hope not. 

After tweeting that she'd been dreaming about her former dog, Gabanna, some fans pointed out that Khloé may name her baby after her beloved former companion. 

Others even suggested that she name her baby Dolce so that she and Gabanna could be "best friends." 

Since Khloé had once tweeted that her baby's name might start with a T or a K, some fans are theorizing that she'll name her baby Kleveland Rose. 

After all, she's been living in Cleveland, Ohio for the majority of her pregnancy (Tristan Thompson plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers). 

Some fans theorized that her baby's name might be a combination of Khloé and Tristan's names. 

Which, if she was ever considering it, I hope she's reconsidered. You know, given recent circumstances and all. 
Plus, Kristan just seems like way too normal of a name for a Kardashian baby.

And I'm just gonna go ahead and leave this one right here. 

Anyways, whatever Khloé has chosen to name her baby, fans just want to make sure that she gets the Kardashian last name. 

If those cheating allegations are true, Tristan certainly does NOT deserve to have a half-Kardashian child take his last name. 
He needs to sit down and let the dynasty continue...without him. 

Although a lot of us are definitely feeling pretty terrible for Khloé right now, just remember that no one messes with a Kardashian, and no one messes with Kris Jenner. 

Because the devil works hard, but that Kris Jenner — she works harder. 

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