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Sunday, 6 May 2018

15 Prom Dresses People Actually Made With Everyday Items

15 Prom Dresses People Actually Made With Everyday Items

With prom season just around the corner, nobody wants to face the age-old faux pas of wearing the same dress as that girl you hate at school. 
Some prom-goers have gotten hella creative with their prom dresses, and we are so here for it. Whether it's made out of basic materials or recycled from things normally thrown in the trash, these dresses are fancy AF. I wish I had just a little bit of their talent.

1. This prom dress might make you a bit uncomfortable.

But that's what it's supposed to do! The dress was created by "Get Checked Omaha" as a way to raise awareness around safe sex during prom time. It's kind of genius, right?

2. If you're smart, the materials for this dress could be totally free!

Paint chips are the perfect way to add some color to a recycled dress, and they're usually free at any home improvement store. Win-win!

3. Who would have thought chip bags could make gorgeous flowers?

It's almost impossible to tell that these flowers are made from chip bags! Whoever created this has some serious talent.

4. Get ready for college with a dress inspired by everyone's favorite party game.

This Red Solo Cup dress even comes complete with a ping-pong ball belt. Creative or trashy? You decide!

5. Don't let your dad toss out the weekend newspaper!

Instead, why not try making this stunning dress out of all those papers? This dress style is totally in right now!

6. Would you believe me if I told you these amazing dresses are made out of Duck Tape?!

Every year, Duck Tape runs a contest where prom-goers can submit their dresses made out of tape. This stunning duo is a past runner-up.

7. This gorgeous creation is actually part of a series of prom dresses called "Trashion."

I actually know the girl who designed this and her whole collection is stunning! This one is made out of cardboard and paper, and is nicer than anything I've ever made in my life.

8. Remember those fiber optic wands you used to run around with as a kid?

Well, this crafty cat turned one of those amazing wands into an absolutely stunning dress. You'll definitely be able to say, "My prom dress is better than your prom dress" if you wear this one!

9. A lifestyle blogger wanted to create some affordable prom dress ideas for her audience. 

Deciding to fight back against the haters who called her trashy, she made this dress out of trash bags to put them in their place.

10. And that's not her first foray into prom dress design.

She also created this stunning dress out of a $4 thrift store dress and a TON of feathers and jewels.

11. How gorgeous is this dress made entirely of Starburst wrappers?!

Not only is the style beautiful and colors bright, I also appreciate the amount of effort that definitely went into this. Amazing!

12. This Doritos bag dress is simple in style, but bold in execution.

I love how the bright colors work together, yet the dress is simple at its core. I wonder if she had help eating all those Doritos! 

13. A little bit of duct tape and garbage bags can take you far!

You don't have to make a huge statement with your dress, sometimes simplicity is the best way to go! 

14. If there's one thing I regret about my prom dress, it's that I didn't go all-out princess.

And if I was smart enough, I'd definitely have added string lights to the design. This is stunning!

15. This mermaid-inspired dress is made out of sequins and tulle. 

So they might be pretty common in any old arts and crafts stash, but who do you know that has made an entire dress out of them? Seriously gorgeous!

Which of these prom dresses would you be most likely to wear?

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