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Tuesday 1 May 2018

8 Prom Pics That Are Extra As Hell And 8 That Just Ain't Right

8 Prom Pics That Are Extra As Hell And 8 That Just Ain't Right

Prom is a very special milestone.
It's a day to dress up, find creative ways to sneak booze around, and enjoy one last "hurrah" (wow, that made me sound old) with your high school pals, who you say you'll hang with over the summer, but will most likely never see again.
However, these people just took it way too far.

1. My immediate response to this photo was "how could they afford this?"

When I was 17, I could barely afford a carton of chocolate milk from the cafeteria. My prom date couldn't even afford to get me a corsage. Nowadays kids are renting helicopters just for the aesthetic. 

2. Find someone who looks at you the way this cat is looking at her prom date

You can just tell she feels like a princess. This is her special day. I'm so happy for these two! May they live a long and happy life together.

3. When you challenge yourself to make your prom outfits out of only household items

As terribly creative as this is, their parents are probably wondering where all the garbage bags are, and where that 7-year-old can of spray paint in the garage went. 

4. I wonder if his date is also wearing an Aladdin costume

I'm either extremely out of touch with what's "in" or fashion has gone dramatically downhill since I went to prom — which was not that long ago, for the record.

5. Trying to look like you're not trying too hard...is trying too hard

The girl that wears sneakers to prom, constantly announces that she loves Star Wars, and plays video games all the time is just as extra as everyone on this list.

6. There are 2 types of girls at prom

I cannot believe how accurately this photo describes most social situations I'm in. This girl gives 0 effs and I love it. She is exquisite, really. I must paint her.

7. When you get back from your three-day hunting trip just in time to make it to prom

Or maybe they just don't want to be seen, and they're hoping they can just blend in...

8. Honestly, this guy is the realest 

Even though their love is forbidden, even though they come from different sides of the tracks, he doesn't wanna hide anymore. He just wants to hold her hand in public.

9. When your prom date thinks he's going to get lucky and you show up in this

Teenage boys think about sex every 7 seconds. Stay strong, ladies. Wear dresses that are secretly pants. Be prepared.

10. Barney's out here playing the field

Contrary to popular belief that Barney was creepy as hell, he somehow managed to swing not 1, but 2 prom dates. He's the school player.

11. Photographer: Okay, now get on her back and pretend to braid her hair

I am genuinely curious as to what the thought process was behind this pose. Is he braiding her hair? Using her hair as reins?

12. This could have just as easily been a 4th of July glamour shot

They love prom, they love arts and crafts, and they love each other. But they love America more.

13. When you have a devil worshipper's meeting at 6:30pm and prom is at 7pm

These two are figuratively (and probably literally) killing two birds with one stone. Productive and creepy as hell (pun intended).

14. Her mom isn't a regular mom, she's a cool mom  

Everything about this photo seems highly inappropriate for a 17-year-old and for a school-organized event. His hand is not supposed to go there, and garters are meant for brides.

15. She deserves to win some kind of award for this

If I didn't know any better, I'd think it's Lady Gaga under that getup, on her way to scare everyone on the red carpet as the Prom "Queen."

16. When you can't find a prom date, so you just take your brother

First of all, couples who look like brother and sister truly disturb me. Second, and I say this with all seriousness, what is the pattern on his suit?

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