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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

How To Lose Weight With The Walking. How Much You Losen Weight

How To Lose Weight With The Walking. How Much You Losen Weight 

We live in a world where appearance seems to be everything. You're either too thin or too big to be good enough by the media's standards, so how can you stand a chance? Well, first off, developing realistic expectations that aren't based off photoshopped people is a good start. Thankfully, the media has been starting to move away from that method of "beauty," but that doesn't mean it's much better. Despite this, there is a point where being too thin or too heavy begins to have negative effects on your health. While one side (thin) has a clear method of fixing the problem (not that it makes it easier), people who are on the larger side have many options to lose weight, though they all require significant commitments and motivation.

I get it, having to commit to the gym all the time isn't for everyone and it also seems like more work than it needs to be,

 Thankfully, walking is a great alternative.
 You get to actually go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.
 And you get to appreciate the beauty of your area, as well! So, how much do you need to walk to start seeing some results?

 In terms of how many calories burned, there's a simple way to check. 3500 calories roughly equal one pound of fat.
 Walking one mile is, roughly, 2000 steps.
 2000 steps translate into about 100 calories.
 If you're looking to lose one pound a week, you would want to walk about 10000 steps per day or about 5 miles, but there's a catch.
 The calorie amounts would only be true if your weight isn't moving. Basically, if you're eating enough to stay at the same weight but not so little that you're losing weight.
 Coupled with a good diet, walking can be an awesome alternative, or even addition, to working out.
 Plus, a Stanford study even found that walking improves creativity. Better start walking!
 If you're still not convinced, think about how little effort it takes to go for a walk compared to the benefits you'll gain from it.

And hey, if nothing ends up happening, then you've lost out on nothing anyways!

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