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Monday 28 May 2018

People Came At Rebel Wilson For A Photoshopped 'Vogue' Cover, And Her Clapback Was Pure Gold

People Came At Rebel Wilson For A Photoshopped 'Vogue' Cover, And Her Clapback Was Pure Gold

I think we can all agree that Photoshop has brought a lot of drama into our lives. Admittedly, drama is my life source because I'm a terrible person. So, I'm not necessarily complaining. 

But for celebrities who have to deal with photo editing accusations, it kind of sucks. And because of that, I want to formally apologize in front of the world for being a part of the problem. 

And hopefully, by sharing this story about Rebel Wilson, I can somewhat repent for my transgressions. 

The other day, Rebel Wilson shared her Vogue Australia cover. 
"I never would’ve thought this element would be added to my life: Vogue Covergirl," tweeted Rebel. "This was such an amazing experience, thank you Vogue Australia and to all the designers and stylists who worked on this shoot!"
Obviously, Rebel, who's wearing a dress/jacket combo that I could never pull off, looks amazing.

Evidently, though, some people thought she looked too amazing.

In other words, they thought Vogue had photoshopped the image to make Rebel look slimmer. 
To be fair, Vogue does have a history of generally upsetting everyone, whether it has to do with photoshopping celebrities or whitewashing nail art.
But personally, when I first saw Rebel's cover, I didn't think it looked edited at all. All I thought was, "Dang, my girl Rebel is killing it."

And I'm proud to say that I was on the right side of the fence this time — for once. 

That's because, as Rebel pointed out herself, the cover was certainly not photoshopped.
"Nope, not slimmed down!" said Rebel in response to one of the accusations. "I just ate healthy and exercised for the month before the shoot x but then immediately after ate brownies!"
God, why is the woman so perfect?

Just in case people weren't fully convinced, Rebel also shared raw monitor shots from the day of the shoot.

So, there you have it, Photoshop-drama fiends! 
...Obviously I'm far above that bracket now.

Leave it to Rebel Wilson to shut down her haters and be hilarious at the same time.

Hopefully, we've all learned a lesson today. At least, I know I have. The lesson being that celebrities can look a bit different in their magazine shoots, but that doesn't always mean it's a Photoshop scandal.
So, thank you, Rebel, for teaching me this and adding a pinch of humor to the lesson.

What do you think of Rebel's response? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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