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Saturday, 5 May 2018

There's A New Theory About 'Avengers 4' And Gamora, And We're Sobbing

There's A New Theory About 'Avengers 4' And Gamora, And We're Sobbing

Avengers: Infinity War might still be in theaters, but that hasn't stopped fans from theorizing about what will happen next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
A lot of our faves bit the dust (literally!) in Infinity War, but one character's demise stood out for many fans.

In a heartbreaking scene, Thanos sacrifices Gamora so that he can wield the Soul Stone.

Watching Gamora plummet to her death was tough to watch, but many fans believe that she's not truly dead. 
According to this theory, Gamora (or at least her soul) is trapped within the Soul Stone.
After Thanos snaps his fingers and kills 50% of the universe's population, he is transported briefly to another world where he converses with a young Gamora. The movie doesn't confirm it, but this is probably the Soul World. 

Of course, if Gamora is trapped in the Soul Stone, we are willing to bet she will escape. 

If she survived, it must be for a reason. 
According to this theory, Gamora's survival would unbalance the universe — which is what Thanos wanted when he ruthlessly dusted all of our faves. 
Gamora was Thanos's biggest obstacle when he was acquiring the Infinity Stones, and if she returned, she'd be his biggest weakness.  

It's because of Garmora's relationship with Thanos that she will probably be the key to defeating him. 

Thanos is essentially the antagonist in Infinity War. If he's defeated in Avengers 4, there's no chance he won't have a final moment of closure or something with Gamora. 
The Russos also said that when dealing with characters as strong as Thanos, you have to look for their weak spots. 
"You have to find vulnerabilities for characters of that level of strength. Look for their emotional and physical life — that's where we figure out how we make those characters crack."
Right now, Gamora is Thanos' only weakness. 

One theory suggests that Gamora is taking over Nebula's role from the comics and will ultimately be the one to take the Infinity Gauntlet from him. 

In the comic plotline, Nebula is captured and tortured by Thanos. She escapes and steals the gauntlet, but she becomes evil along the way. 
No matter what happens, it's definitely going to be sad. Thanos' toxic relationship with Gamora was central to Infinity War and will probably be crucial in Avengers 4, too.

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