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Friday, 25 May 2018

We Finally Know The Story Behind That Iconic Royal Wedding Meme

We Finally Know The Story Behind That Iconic Royal Wedding Meme

Now that the highly anticipated royal wedding is finally behind us, a lot of behind-the-scenes details are finally being revealed. 
One thing that had a lot of people talking was that iconic smile from Brian Mulroney, who captured the hearts of millions. 

There were a lot of iconic moments from the royal wedding. 

Like Harry and Meghan not being able to take their eyes off of each other, or the particularly exuberant sermon delivered by Bishop Michael Bruce Curry.

But one of the most popular moments from the wedding came from 7-year-old Brian Mulroney.

The world let out a collective "aww" as his face lit up behind Meghan Markle when she began her walk down the aisle.

It quickly turned into a viral meme that a lot of people had fun with.

Some were saying he looked a lot like Macaulay Culkin, and I mean, they're not wrong.

Others said he wasn't smiling at all — he was yawning.

How anybody could be yawning at a moment like that is beyond me. 

Well, after all the speculation, we finally know the truth behind that iconic facial expression, thanks to his dad, Ben Mulroney.

Ben revealed that in the days leading up to the ceremony, there was a lot of worries that the kids wouldn't get it done right.

But overall, everybody was very joyful, and they just encouraged the kids to have fun and wave at the onlookers as they headed to the castle.

After Brian's priceless facial expression went viral, Ben asked his son what he was smiling about.

“He said he’d never heard a trumpet before,” Ben explained. “And I think when he walked in, I think he saw all the people there and the flowers — none of that was there during the rehearsal.”

I'm just glad that we have official word from the source himself that he wasn't yawning, and that smile was pure happiness.

Just like Ben said, that joyfulness paid off!

That wasn't the only misconception about the royal wedding, either!

A lot of eagle-eyed fans noticed that there was an empty spot next to Prince William, and word quickly spread that it was a seat for the late Princess Diana.

The real truth is that the seat was left open so that the Queen's view would be unobstructed, since she was sitting in the second row.

That's a pretty valid reason, although definitely not as sweet. 

Still, the wedding was full of sweet moments and tributes, like Meghan wearing Princess Diana's aquamarine ring to the reception.

It was her something blue, and our hearts can't handle it. 

I'd say that after it's been all said and done, the wedding was well worth all that hype, wouldn't you?

Did you watch the royal wedding? What was your favorite moment? COMMENT and let us know!

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