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Thursday, 14 June 2018

15 Prom Dresses We Can't Believe People Actually Made

15 Prom Dresses We Can't Believe People Actually Made

There are two types of prom-goers: people who buy their dresses and people who make them.
For the creative individuals who make their prom dresses, bravo, they're hella stunning. I can only imagine all the hard work, patience, sewing, garbage bags, and soda can tabs that went into each unique design. One prom-goer was even featured in Vogue and Marie Claire (um, wow)! 
But features or not, all of these prom dresses are absolute magic — I can't believe people actually made them!

1. When life gives you trash bags, make a prom dress and leave everyone speechless.

The majority of this girl's prom dress was made from garbage bags. If you're wondering what a trash bag dress looks like, it actually turned out incredible.

Who knew trashy could be so stunning? 

This vlogger and prom-goer got the idea for her incredible dress after some of her fans joked that she would even look good in a trash bag. I mean, they weren't wrong though! 

2. I'm unofficially crowning them the Bey-Z of prom, because no one can top this fierceness. 

This duo is cute AF! Not only did she make her own African-inspired prom dress, but also a matching bowtie and pocket square for her bae.

3. The only real reason you can tell her dress is homemade is because her tweet says so.

Seriously... If she never mentioned anything in her tweet, I would have thought her dress was fresh off the runway.

4. The amount of sewing pins in this picture is giving me a headache, but you can't rush talent.

Talk about skills! The construction of this intricate bodice alone must have taken hours to make.

It's hard to believe that this dress started out as just a bunch of pins and floral fabric.

The first photo literally looked like a hot mess, but everything came together so flawlessly. 

5. What a transformation! After some major alterations, this dress went from being totally outdated to effortlessly modern. 

Without the side-by-side photo, no one would ever guess that this girl is wearing her mom's old prom dress.

6. OMG. She literally looks like she just walked off the red carpet at the Met Gala.

This billowy black gown belongs in the spotlight...or on a fairy princess. Tell me I'm wrong!

7. Making your own prom dress doesn't come without some sacrifices and a number of late nights.

This girl was a slave to her prom dress. She tirelessly worked away until two in the morning...

But it looks like all her hard work (and face mask) paid off. 

The beading and construction of this gown is so well done! Not to mention, her makeup also turned out incredibly flawless, too. 

8. If you thought a homemade prom dress couldn't #Slay, you now stand corrected.

Bow down! This prom dress is fabulous AF and literally cost under $100 to make. Slay, girl, slay.

9. Does she have two assistants to carry that train though?  

This prom dress is proof that social circumstance doesn't dictate whether you're royalty or not. Being a majestic queen is a state of mind.

10. In the first photo all I see is a square of fabric... but she was able to see the beautiful dress it was meant to be.

People's prom dress creativity continues to astound me!

You'd never be able to tell that this dress began as a jigsaw puzzle of fabric.

I literally have no idea how she put all the pieces together, but she somehow made it happen. 

11. If you're still in high school, start saving your soda can tabs — they could end up being your prom dress!

No joke. This dress is entirely made of soda tabs (and my mind is blown).

12. It's easy to see why the internet is obsessed with this $15 prom dress...

Not only did she make it the night before, but she even hand-stitched the final touches after her sewing machine broke!

13. This girl just one-upped Fashion Nova and made one of their designs even better.

Adding the roses to the bottom of the original $30 dress makes it look like it could cost upwards of $300.

14. WOW. Her dress quite literally became a work of art after she hand-painted Van Gogh on it.

Can you believe that it used to be a boring, old wedding dress? I can't.

15. This girl's homemade prom dress might be the most incredible thing you'll see today!

And I wasn't the only one to notice... Her design was also featured in Vogue and Marie Claire.

The brightly colored gown is stunning and was inspired by African culture and traditional wear.

Not a single piece of taffeta in sight, but it's still the most beautiful prom dress in all of the land! 

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