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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

16 Places You Can Get Free Food On Your Birthday

16 Places You Can Get Free Food On Your Birthday

You know what's better than your birthday? Getting free food on your birthday! 

I know, this may seem like just a dream. Like, free food?! Really?! But I'm not kidding you. There are a bunch of restaurants out there that will give you free food just because you were born.
Here are some of our top choices so that you can hit up all of the best places for your free gifts. 
Warning: This list will make you hungry. 

1. If you're a hardcore steak lover, then you should sign up for Black Angus' Prime Club! 

Luckily for you, Prime Club members get a free steak dinner on their B-day! Steak is expensive, so make sure you use this freebie. 

2. It's your birthday, so treat yo'self! 

And by treat yo'self, I mean get yourself a free special treat from Cinnabon. If you join Club Cinnabon, they will send you a voucher for a cinnamon-y present... A delicious, cinnamon-y present!

3. There's nothing like free eggs and bacon on your special day. 

Start your birthday out right! At Denny's, you can get a free Grand Slam breakfast on your birthday, andall you need is your ID. This sounds like an awesome deal to me! 

4. Round up the gang and head on over to Hooters! 

Word on the street is that you can get ten free wings on your B-day if you sign up for Hooter's eClub. Who doesn't like free wings?

5. How delicious is Ihop though? You know it's amaze, so sign up for their eClub to get free pancakes on your birthday! 

Can you celebrate your birthday more than once a year? Asking for a friend. 
P.S. You can also get a free meal on your anniversary date of signing up, too! 

6. Take your obsession for crab legs and other seafood to Joe's Crab Shack for a free appetizer on your cake day.

All you have to do to get your free app is sign up for Crab Shack's email list! Can anyone else eat crab and popcorn shrimp for daaaysssss??

7. Krispy Kreme is a very dangerous place, especially when they give out freebies! 

If you sign up for their email list, Krispy Kreme will send you a coupon for a free donut on your birthday. Word on the street is that they send free donut coupons, like, 11 times a year. That's dangerously delicious, indeed! 

8. Everyone could use some Olive Garden in their life. I mean, who isn't obsessed with the bottomless bread sticks?!

If you sign up for Olive Garden's email list, they will send you a coupon on your birthday for a free dessert! That's what your birthday is for anyway — desserts, amirite?

9. Any ice cream lovers out there? Then head to Baskin-Robbins! 

All you have to do to sign up for their Birthday Club, and on your special day, you'll get a free scoop of your choice. 

10. How delicious is a Wendy's Frosty though? Thank goodness you can get a free one just for being born.  

You just have to sign up for WendyMail, and then you will get your B-day coupon! Just make sure your local Wendy's will accept it the coupon first. 
Protip: Try dipping French fries in your Frosty for an extra special treat! 

11. Get your coffee on with a free Starbucks drink or food item on your special day! 

All you need is the Starbucks rewards app and then you are set! On your birthday month, they will send you a promotion for your free item. However, certain locations don't accept this promotion (boo them!)

12. For your birthday meal, you deserve the best. If you love seafood and free dessert, then Red Lobster should be your go-to! 

This cookie topped off with vanilla ice cream looks so freakin' good, and you only need to give Red Lobster your email to get it. Talk about birthday reward! 

13. Stop into Quiznos during your birthday to get a free cookie! Score! 

If you sign up for Q Club then you will get your free cookie surprise coupon emailed to you. You know those cookies are so darn good, so let your inner cookie monster out!  

14. Whoa, free Applebees birthday special?! I'm in! 

Depending on the location, you can either get a free appetizer, dessert, or in some cases, a free entree! Who knew Applebees could get even better? It's the perfect birthday dinner — just give them your email first. 

15. Head to P.F. Chang's for the perfect birthday date. 

Know someone with a birthday coming up? Take them to P.F. Chang's because when they sign up for their rewards list, they'll get one entree for free with the purchase of another. I love me a good two-for-one deal! 

16. Your birthday is the time to have as many pastries as you want, so don't forget to go to Panera for a free one. 

When you sign up for the Panera Bread rewards program, you will get a coupon for a free birthday pastry a few days before your cake day. Major yum! 

Don't forget to pin this so that you can remember all the places to score free food on your birthday! 

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