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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Telugu Big Boss 2: Who's Eliminated this Week? Highlights

Telugu Big Boss 2: Who's Eliminated this Week?

The Big Boss Telugu 2 Reality Show has made it easy for the first six days with events like conflicts, rumors, rumors, teeth and crows. On the 7th day, Nani hosted the show more impressive. They were more enthusiastic about the time they had seen only those who had seen their faces in the big bass home for almost a week. Nani has been hosting the show in his own style. Laughing and laughing at the members of the house ... This week, let's get out of the house and get some tension.

I became a habit: Nani I'm also looking for big boss daily. The show was made into an interesting introduction. This has become a habit of watching. At night 9.30? I've waited. This show is why now you know how popular this is. I became a part of the audience rather than a host and started to enjoy the show .... Nani said.

I'm also kidding There is a wide variety of mags appearing on the internet as the big boss is Telugu 2. There are a lot of people who are smokers and tickers. I'm also kidding. Fans groups are better for all housemates. A fan club named Amit Tiwari .... There are various groups like Deepthi Sunaina Army. Can Big Boss Become Super Stars 100 Days? Nani is kidding.

Sanjana is the person who has a personal touch on Tejasvi On this occasion Nani Big Boss rewinds some of the events that took place at home. On the occasion, Sanjana said to Kaushal that there is no personal anger on him ... but on Tejasvi. Tejasvi talked with me so Big B gave the task. It would not have been if the Big Bass task was given. If I knew this thing, why would I be cool before the crowds? "

Nani asked why both are calling and why they are stirring up Why do not you fall for both of them? I do not like it. There are no conflicts between us yet, but some things have happened. If she does not change her behavior will be confused before. ' "He said. Tejaswi reacting ... 'I do not like conjugal behavior. I am here too. I do not know what I like and I do not like to repeat it again and again. Someone would like me to be reacted immediately, commenting that reaction is not my control.

Ramzan Specials On the occasion of Ranjan, the big boss sweets of the members of the house were sent to Halim. Ramzan greeted the audience of the house for the occasion.

Nanni told me that he was born
Big boss did not know what was going on outside the house ... so they tried to make a dummy news. Lieutenant recently claimed that a large spaceship landed in Mumbai recently. But Nani's words are not trusted by family members. In addition, NTR's birthday was also revealed.

Funny dialogues say Nani
On this occasion, some of the Big Bass members suggested to send an envelope to the dialogues in front of the other members. The funny dialogues in it impressed the audience. Prior to Tejasvi's ... 'Plutu was in front of the deer before the lion ... not before the lion'.

Nanni is trolling over the brightness of the lamp

Nani has been blamed on some of the internet's turmoil on the internet. Internet bulling has become a big problem nowadays. This has resulted in negative volatility. This is not the case for publicity. Some are terribly malignant spread. It is not correct ... Nani suggested.

At that age, I was going on the roads of Film Nagar
 A 20-year-old girl with a deep breath ... made a Youtube Channel for herself, making short films and getting a smash into the Big Boss, who knows all this well today, when I'm 20 years old when I'm on the roads in Film Nagar. What are you doing? Nani questioned those who were trailing. Trolling, joking is not wrong. Nani is tired of being tired.

Deepthirsty safe
The Big Boss team shook all the votes from Deepinda Sunaina. She went into the Alliedi Protected Zone. Nani said that it is not just those who joked on her and not only those who love her, but also those who love her too.

Nani tensioned Ganesh,
 who is in the list of the elimited, has been tensed for nani. But Ganesh has not yet come into the Protective Zone. Nani said that who will be Eliminated from home will know in the Sunday episode.

Nani, who asked for the forgiveness of the roll rida
I do not know who the roll rida is until the big boss. I thought he might not be able to enter the big boss anymore. But he has a lot of fun at home. I underestimate his talent not being properly identified. Nani said, "I want to apologize for this.

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