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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

This Girl Ordered Food To Get Rid Of A Spider And It's The Most Relatable Thing

This Girl Ordered Food To Get Rid Of A Spider And It's The Most Relatable Thing

We've all got a couple of fears that would make us NOPE all the way out of any situation. I could easily hang out with clowns and am totally fine in the dark, but there's now way one of those clowns could tell me to peer off the roof of a really tall building. 
With that in mind, it's not hard to see why the person we'll be talking about today would need a little help to deal with her biggest fear.
And she knew just how to get it.

Meet Demi, she's a criminology student in England.

I don't know if she enjoys long walks on the beach, but she's made it very clear that she is no fan of spiders. So, yeah, a deal breaker for any bug collectors.

So when one crept up and decided to crash at her place, she was having none of it.

But facing it herself was a hard no, and all of her friends were apparently busy.
So she placed an order for some grub with a special request.

I'm tempted to start talking about all the lovely things spiders can do for us, but I can also relate to that feeling. 

Like, I'm sure centipedes serve some kind of purpose, too. But I'm using three layers of tissue if one pops up.
All those legs...

So, yeah, I can definitely see why she literally couldn't even when a spider came-a-knockin'.

The only problem was that the driver was also scared of spiders and was probably worried about dealing with something like this charming fella.
Could he pull through and save his customer's day?

Yes, he could! It took a little coaxing and a few tissues, but Good Guy Joe got up on a chair and thwarted the menace.

I would think he'd keep the helmet on for protection, but the screen's up, so I guess Joe's even more brave than I thought.

And once Joe brought the spider down, he flushed it right down the toilet.

Which probably had the same effect as when our older siblings told us alligators could come out of it, but a little uneasiness around the toilet was worth having a spider-free house. 

And naturally, both Demi and Joe's employer congratulated him on being a total legend.

Demi said she thanked him, like, 50 times, and he just ended up thinking the situation was kinda funny, so that sounds like a win-win all around.

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