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Sunday, 29 July 2018

A Student Got Called Out By A Teacher For Not Wearing A Bra

A Student Got Called Out By A Teacher For Not Wearing A Bra

There's no denying that there's a problem with school dress codes. 
They often don't make sense and are enforced randomly. And with the power of social media, people are speaking up about how ridiculous it is to be called out for what seem to be very tame fashion choices.
Remy Altuna is the latest student to come forward when she was called out by a teacher for what she was wearing.

Remy is a student at Beaumont High School in southern California.

She was recently called out by the vice principal for wearing an inappropriate outfit.

Remy maintains that her outfit wasn't inappropriate. 

She was wearing a pair of jeans and a bodysuit without a bra.

After the incident, Remy posted about it on her Twitter where it began to gain traction online. 

According to Remy, the vice principal wanted her to put on a jacket to cover up. She was concerned that people would "assume bad things" about Remy.

In an interview with Yahoo! Style about the incident, Remy said that the dress code is strict, but it isn't being enforced equally for boys and girls.

“'This year it just seems like they’re really out for blood, looking for anything."

"It would be one thing if they were dress-coding boys and girls equally, but she notes that girls have been the biggest targets, while the boys’ violations, such as ripped jeans, are overlooked."

And it looks like the support for Remy has been mixed.

Unfortunately, some men have replied to Remy's tweet to explain to her that guys just can't help but stare at braless women, and they won't be able to focus in class.

News flash: women make their own decisions and aren't responsible for how men act! Women shouldn't dress to accommodate that. Men should be taught to be respectful and to control their own gaze!

But Remy's friends and others online have come out to support her. Many people said that the school dress code shouldn't police undergarments.

What do you think? Do you think she should have to cover up, or do you think the dress code is too strict? Leave a COMMENT to let us know!

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