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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 28: Deepthi Sunaina did not kiss Tanish, she only spoke to him

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 28: Deepthi Sunaina did not kiss Tanish, she only spoke to him

One of the most interesting incidents that occurred in the Bigg Boss house in the previous week was when Deepthi Sunaina walked up to Tanish’s bed after lights out. It was because of the night vision camera that the scene looked like she was kissing him. On the weekend episode, Nani was curious and asked about this. The answer left Nani disappointed.

Sunainaa first asked which day he was talking about. Apparently, this has been happening a lot. Then she said that because everyone was speaking, she just spoke to Tanish one day and the other day, screeched (at a low voice) to scare him.

Nani spoke to Kaushal about his captaincy so far. He said, it has been great because everyone has been receiving him as a captain well. Nani then played a clip where Tejaswi is seen making fun of Kaushal. Nani, asks Kaushal if he still feels the same way. Kaushal replied that he had decided to not let what people speak behind his back affect him as a captain or as a person.

Then, Nani speaks to Tejaswi and asks her if she still has a baggage when it comes to Kaushal and initially she says no but finally accepts it. She says it happened once he stood on top of everyone to get talks done. To this, Nani said that this was what was expected of a captain. He then spoke to Babu Gogineni, asked him why he nominated Deepthi without knowing what had happened. He asked if Babu was getting influenced by Tejaswi. Babu tried to deflect this question altogether but in the end had to agree that it was because of Tejaswi that he had made this decision.

While Nani spoke to the other housemates, he said it was okay to be curious about any relationship in the house, but no one has a right to judge the relationship or the individuals. He, however, doesn’t address Nandini speaking two different things to people, or how she manipulates people when it comes to nominations.

Nani says he shall speak to Deepthi, who has been harassed and for speaking ill of Tejaswi. In truth she never did, and ended up breaking down on Friday’s episode. Nani concluded the episode by saying that people are falling prey to others’ words instead of checking the facts.

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