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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Is this your hijena? Vishwavi in ​​the kitchen : Bigg boss tamil

Is this your hijena? Vishwavi in ​​the kitchen

Vaishnavi, who participated in the Bigboss show, has cleaned the sandals by eating a sponge spoon.

The 'Bigbas' performance on private television is well received by the audience. Some of the participants have become very popular among the people. Likewise, a few people get bad name.

In that sense, Vaishnavi is hated by all of the existing contestants. Those in the house who are busy putting others down on someone else about the other are hated too.

In this situation, Vaishnavi, who talks about cleaning at home, has cleaned his sandals with a meal meal spoon. Later, it was kept in the kitchen drum. No one in the house has seen this incident, which is being broadcast on Big Poss's exclusive Midnight Masala.

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