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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Lindsay Lohan Just Snapped At Her Employees On Social Media, And Guys, I'm Scared

Lindsay Lohan Just Snapped At Her Employees On Social Media, And Guys, I'm Scared

Hello, This article writen by Adelaide, 

I've decided to share one of my hidden fears with you today. This will be the first time I've disclosed this information to another living soul, so please, be gentle. 
With that in mind...

I am deeply and irrationally afraid of Lindsay Lohan.

Picture this: You're in a room with Lindsay Lohan. Just the two of you. White walls. No windows. No doors. You're trapped. She's staring right at you. She doesn't smile, she hardly blinks. 
Suddenly, it occurs to you that there is only one glass of water in the center of the room. Something is about to go down. Are you anxious? I would be.
That's the best way I can describe it, TBH.

So, you can imagine how I felt after learning that Lindsay owned her own beach resort in Greece called Lohan Beach House.

Much like you at this moment, I was surprised.
But unlike you (or so I'm guessing), I also felt like I would probably avoid Greece on my next Euro trip — or skip Europe entirely and just visit Asia instead

With an already baseless and unreasonable fear, the last thing I needed was some hard evidence that Lindsay Lohan is scary.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what I got when Lindsay decided to comment on a photo of two Lohan Beach House employees, which had been posted to the company's Instagram.

This is proof that Lindsay is always watching. 👀👀👀

Clearly, Lindsay noticed that the two women were wearing different shoes, and she decided to threaten their jobs if they didn't get themselves coordinated. 


By the looks of it, there's no three-strike system at Lohan Beach House. 
In fact, as an employee, you may not even know you've been given a warning unless you happened to come across it in the company's Instagram page comments!

And for anyone who thinks Lindsay was just messing around and she's a lowkey hilarious Insta troll — think again!

Are you seriously going to tell me that Lindsay Lohan isn't at all intimating? Come on!

As for the general reaction to Lindsay's comments, a lot of people weren't impressed by how she handled the situation.

In other words, a bunch of people stood up to Lindsay, something I could never do.

But other people were completely on her side, agreeing that the Lohan Beach House employees should have the same footwear.

I'd probably fall into this category, mostly because I'd be terrified to challenge her.

Anyway, this hasn't been a healing or transformative experience for me whatsoever.

It's actually been quite painful. 
I'm still afraid of Lindsay Lohan, if not more afraid, and now the world knows it.

Courtesy : Adelaide Andrews

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