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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Rihanna Is Getting Called Out For Her New Beauty Campaign, And People Are Furious

Rihanna Is Getting Called Out For Her New Beauty Campaign, And People Are Furious

To many of us, Rihanna is a beautiful and talented Caribbean queen who can do no wrong. This opinion was amplified by the launch of her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, whose foundation catered to more skin tones than any other brand in the history of cosmetics. 

But despite often receiving praise for Fenty Beauty's inclusivity, Rihanna's latest release has gotten backlash for lacking just that. 

Earlier this month, Rihanna announced FB's Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette. Inside the palette, shadow names include Sahara Stunna, Cumin Get It, Henna Sea, and Fez Up.
In a promo video posted by Rihanna on Instagram, several models are shown wearing the palette. 

Although, some fans pointed out that none of the models in the video appeared to be Moroccan. 

Considering that Rihanna's palette is based on and profiting from Moroccan culture, some felt that it would behoove Rihanna to include at least one Moroccan model in her campaign. 

Others insisted that the lack of Moroccan representation made the eyeshadow palette "orientalist nonsense."

Orientalism is a term often used to describe the imitation of Middle Eastern culture by artists from the West.

However, some people noted that the depiction of other cultures in advertising is nothing new. 

Of course, just because something isn't new doesn't mean it's right, and it certainly would have been nice to see a Moroccan model representing a product based on her culture.

That said, the promo video — like most things Fenty Beauty has produced — was still very diverse by industry standards.

In fact, this advertisement alone probably has one of the most varied collections of models that the makeup industry has ever seen.

Still, when you're profiting off a specific culture, it's probably a good idea to represent said culture in your advertisement. 

To be fair, we do expect a lot from Rihanna, and one oversight shouldn't depreciate all the headway her brand has made for diversity in the beauty industry.
But, you know, why not cast a Moroccan woman next time, RiRi?

Of course, this isn't the first time Fenty Beauty has made headlines for representing race and culture. 

Recently, the brand released an eyeliner with a name that had Twitter clapping.

It's called Flyliner, and it comes in one shade: "Cuz I'm Black."

Now, if you haven't been a Rihanna fan for several years, then you might not get the reference.

Back in 2011, someone thought it was necessary to ask Rihanna why "her hair look so nappy" in a photo.

The question was rude because it implied that there's something wrong with the texture of Rihanna's natural hair.

And obviously, there isn't.

But Rihanna knows this, which is why she responded by saying, "Cuz I'm black b***!!!!"
In that moment, the shade name for Fenty Beauty's Flyliner was born.

Of course, all of the internet was here for it.

Rihanna turned something which began as an insult to her heritage into a product that will likely sell out online and in stores everywhere.
Like the Twitter user below says, "HOW CAN ONE NOT STAN??"

If you ask us, Rihanna has the best of intentions when it comes to Fenty Beauty.

Few brands are perfect, but at least Fenty Beauty comes pretty darn close.

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