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Saturday, 28 July 2018

The Internet Is Hating On Kylie Jenner For Her 'Embarrassing' Relationship With Travis Scott

The Internet Is Hating On Kylie Jenner For Her 'Embarrassing' Relationship With Travis Scott

 Up until now, here's what I thought about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's relationship: ______________.
That's right: Nothing. It's blank.
I could've scarcely imagined them side-by-side had they not shown up at the 2018 Met Gala together. Even then, my dentist and I would've had more chemistry on the red carpet, and I effing hate my dentist. 

So, you can imagine my interest when I heard that I could watch the couple actually converse in GQ's "23 Questions" segment.

This is the first time the world has seen the two verbally interact, and unfortunately, it was kind of like watching a building collapse in slow motion.

Basically, Kylie quizzed Travis on 23 questions about herself.

Things were going smoothly until Kylie hit question two (so, like, for one whole question), when she asked Travis to recite the names of her four dogs.
Travis was able to name a single dog, Norman, and that's all, folks!

Now look, I'm not a dog owner or a dog lover, so I wasn't personally offended by Travis' lack of pet knowledge. 

But animal lovers across Twitter seemed pretty peeved that Kylie's boyfriend couldn't remember the names of her dogs. 
I mean, from a relationship standpoint, it probably makes sense to know the names of your partner's pets, especially if you have a child with that person. 

This probably would'nt have been as big of an issue had Travis been able to correctly answer more of Kylie's questions.

Unfortunately, he didn't do so great.
Actually, who am I kidding? Dog lovers are a serious bunch. They likely would've been up in arms had the dog question been the only question Travis had gotten wrong.
In fact, people were so bothered by the fail that they even brought it up in Kylie's Instagram comments.

The Instagram comments ultimately led Kylie to address the issue. 

"My fam can't even tell me all my dogs names if they're life was on it," explained Kylie. "I gotta give everybody a little lesson on the names lol."

In other words, no one in Kylie's family cares about her dogs' names, not just Travis Scott.

CALM DOWN, I'm only kidding. 
I think the real lesson here is that if you have four dogs, don't expect people to remember more than 25% of their names... Is that a good lesson? Erm, IDK. 
But regardless of what I said about Kylie and Travis, I do hope the best for them, and I do hope that one day Travis learns 100% of her dogs' names.

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