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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Ashlee Simpson Finally Opened Up About Her 2004 'SNL' Lip-Sync Fail, And It's About Time

Ashlee Simpson Finally Opened Up About Her 2004 'SNL' Lip-Sync Fail, And It's About Time

Even though social media wasn't really much of a thing back in the early '00s, that didn't mean that there weren't scandals and celeb drama galore  — we just had to work harder to find it.
But sometimes we got lucky and people like Ashlee Simpson would mess up on live TV and it gave us something to talk about for the next decade. 
No, for real. And just when people finally stopped talking about, Ashlee spoke out about it, and here we are again.

Hello, friends, and welcome to my time machine.

I hope everyone has their signed permission slips, bedazzled trucker caps, tiny handbags, and Juicy Couture tracksuits.

Today, we're going back to 2004, where pop culture was a completely different ballgame.

Twitter and Instagram didn't exist yet, and we lived off of paparazzi footage to feed our juicy gossip quota. 

You might remember this as the year when Britney Spears was married for a whopping 55 hours before getting an annulment.

She really didn't learn from Ross and Rachel, huh? 

It was the year Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin had a child together — and proceeded to name that child Apple.

It also happened to be the year that Ashlee Simpson was relevant, and made a bit of a fool of herself while making an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

At the time, Ashlee had just released her album, "Autobiography," which every preteen and teenager in the country spent their hard-earned babysitting money on.

You might remember such bangers on the album as "Shadow" and "La La."

Or if you were a rebel like me, you downloaded it from Limewire — along with a handful of viruses your computer hated you for. 

Anyway, Ashlee was on SNL to promote said album. 

She was about to start singing her single, "Pieces of Me," when the music to the incorrect song began playing, along with her vocal track, revealing that she was clearly lip-syncing. 

She did a random jig and after the fact, and tried to explain that her band had started playing the wrong song.

 "I made a complete fool of myself," she said

People were understandably upset about the whole ordeal, and she received a lot of criticism over it, but they eventually moved onto bigger and better scandals.

Flash forward to today, 2018, where Ashlee is opening up about the fail while promoting her upcoming reality television show, Ashlee+Evan.

Ashlee+Evan is a new docu-series on E! following the careers of Ashlee and her husband, Evan Ross. It will be premiering September 9. 

The purpose of the show is to share who she is today, since it's been a long time since she's been in the public eye.

She's letting people know that she's in a different place, and that she's not an angsty girl anymore.

As for the SNL "incident," well, it's not a difficult topic for her to talk about these days, especially because it was such a long time ago. 

"It's something that happened to me and things in life happen to you and they make you stronger and they make you a better performer, a better person," she explained.

"I think things like that build your character and your strength and it's how you handle them," she added.

She does make a really good point. Imagine if celebrities were only allowed one mistake? There literally wouldn't be any famous people, ever.

I think it's time we finally let the lip-syncing thing go, and cross our fingers that this reality show is worth the watch!

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