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Monday, 20 August 2018

Be The Talk Of The Town With These 8 Impressive DIY Ideas

Be The Talk Of The Town With These 8 Impressive DIY Ideas

One of the things I love most about crafting is the variety of projects I have to choose from. Some ideas are handy and practical, while others are fun and pretty to look at. Basically, there are no rules or limitations when it comes to being creative, and that's something I will always appreciate.
Spend some time browsing through the collection of impressive DIY ideas below. Let them inspire you, and then roll up your sleeves before putting your creative side to work. 

1. DIY Feather Pens

Am I the only one who gets kind of bummed sometimes because quill pens aren't really a thing anymore? Seriously, who wouldn't want to hold a pretty feather while writing?

I get that quill pens aren't exactly practical these days, but if you're like me and still appreciate their charm, this DIY idea by Something Turquoise is going to make you happy. 

 Check out Jen's tutorial to see just how easy a project like this can be.

2. DIY Rope-Wrapped Chair

 If you've ever gone to a garage sale or thrift shop, chances are, you've seen furniture that's in desperate need of some TLC. And when it comes to restoring it, reupholstering may be where most people's heads go, but it actually isn't always necessary.

Take this chair Geneva of A Pair And A Spare made over as a perfect example.

 Rather than adding new cushioning and fabric to it, she covered the chair in a fresh coat of spray paint and wrapped thick rope around the seat and back rest! 

3. DIY Macramé Mirror

 Another great use for rope is macramé. This classic technique has made a huge comeback over the last few years, and personally, I can't get enough of it.

Luisa Cruz weaved a basic macramé pattern around a metal hoop in order to create a beautiful frame for a round mirror she found at Target.

Doesn't it look amazing?! Head over to Target Made Me Do It for a full set of how-to instructions.

4. DIY Mesh Sunflower Wreath

Who doesn't love a good wreath DIY? Especially one that's both simple and inexpensive to put together! 
If those are two things you look for in a wreath project, you've come to the right place.

This sunflower wreath from BlissMakes is perfect for summer and would look amazing on a front door or over a mantel.

 And all you need to make one for yourself is some yellow mesh, pink roving, and a metal wreath form.

5. DIY Vinyl Storage

  As someone with a fairly extensive vinyl collection, I know how important practical storage is. And this simple idea by Caroline, the creative mind behind Burkatron, fits the bill perfectly. 

Using nothing more than some dowels and two narrow pieces of wood, she managed to create an incredibly useful storage system for her vinyl collection.

Not only are her albums neatly organized and easily accessible, they're also on display for her to enjoy. 

6. DIY Faux Metal Mirror Frame

  Instructables user dezine came up with a cool method that can be used to create a faux metal look on wood — and it didn't require and fancy tools or materials, either!

First, a generous amount of plaster was applied to a frame, and then a wooden spoon was used to add texture to it.

Once everything dried, a primer and some metallic spray paint created the desired faux metal finish. Pretty cool, right?

7. DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning Hack

 Cleaning your makeup brushes may be tedious and annoying, but it's super important, especially if you want them to last. However, in order to ensure they're safe to use on your skin, you don't need to go out and buy expensive cleaning products.

Lydi of Lydi Out Loud shared a great cleaning tip that anyone can use if their makeup brushes need a good scrubbing.

All she did was pour some olive oil on one side of a textured rubber mat, and baby shampoo on the other. Lydi then swirled her brushes in both products before rinsing them with water. After a few hours of drying, her brushes looked fresh and new! 

8. DIY Faux Vintage Industrial Rotating Bin

 Sadie Seasongoods has an imagination that always impresses me. Seriously, I wish I had the ability to walk into a thrift store and see what she sees — her eye for upcycling is incredible.

And this rotating storage bin, which was made out of an upcycled Tupperware tray and a lazy Susan, is just one of the many creations she's come up with.

I can't get over how well this DIY turned out.

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