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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Kim And Khloé Kardashian Just Slammed Kourtney's Ex-Boyfriend Online, And It's Drama

Kim And Khloé Kardashian Just Slammed Kourtney's Ex-Boyfriend Online, And It's Drama

Sooner or later, I won't need to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians anymore because the family stirs up so much drama on social media that I can be entertained by that alone. 
I'm not complaining, of course. I'm just saying that basic cable is really becoming obsolete.

Our story begins with an ending: the ending of Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima's relationship.

Yesterday, TMZ claimed that the two had reportedly split, ending their nearly two-year romance.

However, I'm not too broken up about it. After all, Younes did slut-shame Kourtney for her recent booty pic on Instagram.

Find yourself a man who supports your sexy booty pics — that's what I always say.

Oh, and then a few days later, he went ahead and publicly approvedof another one of Kourtney's photos — as if Kourtney, a grown woman, needed his approval.

Can you guys tell that I'm not a huge fan of Kourtney's ex or nah?

But here's the real tea: TMZ recently shared photos of Younes on vacation, hugging lingerie-company founder Jordan Ozuna.

If Jordan's name sounds familiar, that might be because she dated both Tyga and Justin Bieber. 

Once Younes heard the rumors that he had "rebounded" with a new woman, he went on Instagram to shut them down.

Obviously, Younes was concerned about looking like "the bad guy" after the Hollywood breakup.

But despite Younes claiming that he was with other friends, Khloé Kardashian wasn't buying it.

Commenting on a screenshot of Younes' Instagram story by @theshaderoom, Khloé let everyone know how she felt about the sitch.

If you're unfamiliar with "Heard It All Before" by Sunshine Anderson, it's about a lyin', cheatin', no-good man.

Just to give you a taste, here's a snippet of the song's lyrics:
Heard it all before
All of your lies, all of your sweet talk
Baby this, baby that
But your lies ain't working now

Just a quick sidebar to this story: Sunshine Anderson actually replied to Khloé's comment, and she wanted nothing to do with this Kardashian drama.

Honestly? I did not see that one coming.

Anyway, back to Younes. Let's not forget that he has used this "I was with 12 other friends" excuse before.

A similar situation occurred earlier this year when Younes was accused of cheating on Kourtney.

To be fair, when it happened the first time around, pretty much everyone (on the internet, at least) had Younes' back.

After Younes shut down the Daily Mail's report, that was the end of it.

This time, however, Younes actually went out of his way to prove that he was with a group of friends.

Clearly, Kourtney's ex was determined to demonstrate his innocence in the matter.

Now, if Younes and Kourtney have separated, then the man is free to hang out with whoever he pleases. But hanging with a new girl ASAP isn't a good look for anybody post-breakup.

In fact, it's such a bad look that Kim Kardashian also decided to comment on the above Insta story (likewise shared by @theshaderoom) with pure sass.

If you've seen KUWTK, you know that Kim is most definitely most skilled in the art of shade. 

Which is why, liar or not, I've gotta commend the strategic use of the Pinocchio emoji here.

From the sounds of it, Kim had heard that Younes was going on a "boys' trip," but TMZ's photos appeared to tell a different story.

Naturally, the internet grabbed its metaphorical popcorn and watched the whole thing go down.

We all enjoy a bit of drama — well, when it's happening to other people, of course.

Now, before you side with Kim and Khloé, you might want to hear what Jordan Ozuna has to say on the matter. 

"Younes and I are not involved romantically at all," said Jordan, in response to the rumors.

"We were both invited to Mexico for a mutual friend's birthday party with 13 other people," explained Jordan.

"It was nothing more than friends having fun at the beach," she added

Of course, Jordan is specifically referring to the photos of her and Younes hugging on the sand.

Then Jordan really drove the point home, adding, "We aren't romantically involved in any way, shape or form."

Well, that pretty much closes this case, now doesn't it?

The jury's back, the verdict is in, and the ruling is that Younes and Jordan didn't become involved shorty after him and Kourtney broke up.

So, yeah, a lot of drama has been created over something that shouldn't have been dramatic in the first place.

And thus concludes this week's Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
Wait, I mean — see what I'm saying?

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