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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Pics To Make You Go, 'Now, Wait A Minute...'

Pics To Make You Go, 'Now, Wait A Minute...'

Some things take a little longer than others to understand, and that's fine. Heck, we should all just learn to appreciate when things aren't easy.
So, why not start with this fine collection of pictures — compiled by a pretty handsome guy — and take as much time as you need with each of them?

1. Are...are you alright, my dude?

I mean, presumably, one of these posts is only operating at about half the height of the other, but I can't for the life of me figure out why. If anyone's got any ideas about what's going on, I'm certainly listening.

2. This is another one where I feel confident that I understand exactly what I'm looking at, but I don't even know how to start asking, "Why?"

Maybe this is one of those times where it's better to just ask, "Why not?" and leave it at that.

3. Uh...

I'm no expert at aviation (or really anything), but this has to be a bad thing, right? Also, is this balloon advertising for pesto? Because I'm all about that life. Ever had pesto on macaroni and cheese? That's good eating.

4. I imagine he just grabbed whatever was in arms' reach because he was feeling awkward.

Little did Brice know that that one choice would go on to make him an internet legend. I'd say we should pour one out for him, but really, it'd be more like trying to pour it and then having to smack the bottle a bunch or poking it with a knife to get it to come out.

5. I have no idea where this happened, but I do know that I want to go there.

It took me a really long time to figure out whether these were raccoons or lemurs. This is probably why I got fired from working at that zoo.

6. You know your tattoo's really well done when Snapchat sees it as a viable candidate for a face swap.

That being said, am I crazy or does this guy have a tattoo of King Arthur from Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Why, dude?

7. Say what you will about the dangers of living in Pompeii, but you simply cannot beat the affordable prices of their car washes.

I'm told that this is just caused by some dye added to the hot wax, but I'm deeply suspicious.

8. Sure, the sidewalk's closed, but nobody said anything about walking on the grass.

This whole gatekeeping situation really depends on the honor system, and I kind of respect that. It probably says a lot about my chronic brown-nosing that I wouldn't be able to bring myself to walk to that parking lot.

9. In this person's defense, there's absolutely no reason why the word "school" should be spelled in such a nonsense way.

It's like a test or something. You have to go to school to learn how to spell it.

10. I've heard of a battle-ax before, but never a paddle-ax.

If you think that pun is terrible, you should see the ones that ended up on the cutting-room floor. The point is, what in the world is happening in this picture?

11. When bae shows she's a real witch but you love her anyway.

Psych! It's just an optical illusion! Also, you shouldn't judge people based on their appearance or on their propensity for witchcraft.

12. Everyone talks about the class clown, but no one takes the time to appreciate the class acrobat.

I'm pretty sure every classroom had that one kid who could do a standing backflip.

13. Yeah, I don't think that that's how that's supposed to work.

Remember when selfie sticks were just everywhere? Who could have anticipated that those wouldn't become staples of modern culture?

14. I couldn't begin to guess why somebody would invent this particular costume, but I also can't begin to tell you how much I want one.

And my birthday is coming up, so...y'know.

15. I would love to meet the person or people responsible for this having to become an official policy.

Is it an anti-gambling thing? Or were people just, like, tossing in scratchers that didn't even win anything?

16. I don't know what's worse: the idea that someone at Snickers screwed this up so badly, or the idea that someone sucked all the chocolate off of this thing for a bit of attention on the internet.

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