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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

8 Viral Products For You And Your Pets To Live Your Best Lives

8 Viral Products For You And Your Pets To Live Your Best Lives

Crowdfunding has opened up a world of possibilities to anyone with a great idea and the will to act on it. Creators are no longer held back by the whims of rich executives and focus groups. 
But the downside to all this innovation is that there are too many products to keep track of now. How is one person supposed to keep up?
We've got you covered and have collected eight of the trendiest products right here in one place!

1. Clairy — The Smart And Natural Air Purifier

Most air purifiers are unattractive, noisy, and use a bunch of electricity, but not Clairy. 
By harnessing the natural filtration powers of plants, Clairy uses half the electricity of a single LED lightbulb, has no filters to replace, and is practically silent. Clairy's self-watering system also makes caring for the plant a cinch!

Indoor air is 5x more polluted than outdoor air, but Clairy can reduce those toxins by up to 93%.

Using wifi, Clairy connects directly to its matching mobile app, allowing you to see your space's air quality in real time. And since it was designed in Italy, it's no slouch in the looks department, either. 
If that's not enough, for every Clairy sold, 10 trees are donated to the Eden Reforestation Project!
So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to their website now to purchase your Clairy in one of six beautiful colors.

2. The Complete Ketogenic Diet For Beginners — It's More Than A Cookbook

The Keto Diet is all the rage right now and for good reason. Who doesn't like a diet where you can eat bacon and butter and avocados and all the other tasty, fatty foods we love?
But at first glance, the Keto Diet can seem more complicated than it is, what with terms like "ketosis" and "macros" being thrown around. 

That's why you need The Complete Ketogenic Diet For Beginners

It's the perfect, all-in-one introduction to the Keto Diet, clearly explaining the science behind why it works and giving you five simple steps to get started. With meal planning, tips for dining out, and more than 75 recipes, this one book is the key to unlocking ketosis for yourself.
So, hurry over to their website to get your free copy today! All you need to pay for is shipping. 

3. KitNip - Pamper Your Kitties With Monthly Treats And Toys 

A happy, healthy home isn't just about the humans. Our pets deserve the best, too. KitNip is a monthly subscription box filled with all the things your cat loves, so you can keep them happy and healthy. 

With a new selection of high-quality toys and all-natural treats each month, Kitty will never be bored.

Each basic box contains five new themed items curated by the KitNip team, and you can upgrade if your house is home to more than one feline. 
And for every box sold, KitNip donates a portion of the proceeds to animal welfare organizations throughout the U.S.
So, if you're ready to spoil your kitty, subscribe today!

4. Bullibone — Naturally-Flavored Bones For Even The Most Powerful Chewers

If your dogs are anything like mine, then your home is a graveyard of mangled chew toys. No matter what brands I try, my super-chewers have defeated them all. Bullibone's tough nylon construction holds up far longer than any other. 

Bullibone comes in three great flavors: beef, bacon, and peanut butter. 

The natural flavors are mixed throughout the bone, meaning Fido won't lose interest as he chows down, and the flat end of the Bullibone gives our thumbless doggos a firmer grip. 
Bullibone will satisfy any pupper's chewing needs while keeping their teeth healthy. Head on over to their website to order yours today!

5. Bacon & Butter — The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

Of course, once you go Keto you'll never look back, and the key to sustaining any diet is keeping things interesting. Even bacon-wrapped avocado can get dull if you eat it every meal, so you need a wide variety of options. 

The Bacon & Butter cookbook is the ultimate tool to turn your Keto meal plan up to 11, with 150 mouthwatering recipes.

With that many options, you could try a different recipe for every meal and not run out for nearly two months! 
Enjoy recipes like cauliflower mac and cheese, cream cheese pancakes, and even sandwiches with their almond butter bread!
But hurry! For a limited time, the Bacon & Butter cookbook is free with the cost of shipping, so go order yours on their website right now!

6. Pretty Litter — Hassle-Free, Health-Monitoring Cat Litter Delivered Monthly

No matter how much you love your cats, you're never going to love their litter box. Pretty Litter is proving that not only can it be far less of a hassle, but it can also help you monitor your fur baby's health.

Have a fresh bag of litter delivered to your door every month and rest easy knowing that it'll last until your next delivery.

Its crystal formula uses natural minerals to absorb urine and eliminate odors while being 80% lighter than traditional litter. It requires less scooping and generates far less dust. 
But best of all, the crystals change color if your kitty's urine shows signs of unusual pH levels or blood is mixed in. This can alert you to possible health problems and the need to contact your vet. 
And best of all? Pretty Litter costs less on average than leading traditional brands! So stop dithering and set up your subscription!

7. Cacao Bliss — All The Chocolate With None Of The Guilt

And now, one for the adults to enjoy after the dog eats yet another shoe and your cat claws your TV stand again...
One of the worst parts about dieting is giving up chocolate. Sure, you can indulge in a single square of dark, dark chocolate here and there, but it's not the same as a milkshake on a hot day or hot chocolate by the fire. 
The fact is, chocolate is a natural mood booster, so there must be a way to keep it in our lives without ruining our diets, right?

Cacao Bliss, a blend of single-source cacao and superfoods, is that solution.

The beans are organically grown and dried in the Peruvian sun, which prevents the natural nutrients from being cooked out like it is with industrial roasting. 
Once ground, it's blended with other superfoods like turmeric, collagen, and cinnamon to create a flavorful mix that packs a nutritious punch. The natural sweetness of monk fruit balances the bitterness without any refined sugars. 
So, stop skipping chocolate in your smoothies and drinks and order Cacao Bliss on their website today!

8. Ecohome — Save Up To 40% On Your Air Conditioning Bills Every Month

Air conditioners don't work efficiently. They spin up the compressor to full power until the set temperature is reached and then turn off completely until they need to do it all over again. 
Ecohome is a smart device that works with your existing A/C unit and thermostat to run your system more efficiently, eliminating the high and low energy spikes. 

Once installed, it runs silently in the background with no monitoring required.

Just call to set up an appointment for a technician to come install it and you'll start saving within 60 minutes of their arrival. There's no need to change any of your day-to-day habits.

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