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Monday, 3 September 2018

Anna Kendrick Just Got Real About Kissing Blake Lively On Set, And It's Everything

Anna Kendrick Just Got Real About Kissing Blake Lively On Set, And It's Everything

If you were to ask me to name two of my girl crushes in Hollywood, I would choose Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively without missing a beat. Fortunately for everybody who agrees with me, the two are starring in A Simple Favor, which hits theaters this September. 
Apparently, their new movie features a kiss between the actresses, and Anna's giving us all the details about it.

Anna Kendrick is one of those people you just know. I mean, even if you weren't obsessed with Pitch Perfect — even though it's amazing and you should have been — you still know who Anna is.

At the Teen Choice Awards this year, she was crowned "Choice Twit," which we all know is the highest honor there is. The woman is a Twitter queen.

 Really though, if there's any Twitter account you need to be following, it's Anna's. 

In a recent interview with Pride Source, she opened up about Twitter, dove a little deeper into her sexuality on Pitch Perfect, and revealed what it was really like kissing Blake while filming A Simple Favor.

First of all, anyone who has seen Pitch Perfect knows all about the blatant chemistry between Anna's character, Beca, and Brittany Snow's character, Chloe.

For years now, people have been rooting for these two characters to get together, but it's just not happening. Even Anna is all for it, but she doesn't hold out much hope

"I definitely wanted to have an ending that was a Bechloe ending, and we did shoot one version where Brittany and I tricked everybody into just shooting one that was just the two of us getting together," she explained.

"I thought it would’ve been really cool if it would have ended up coming to fruition in the end. If we ever do a [fourth movie], I will fight tooth and nail for it, but I’m not sure it’s gonna happen," she added.

And while I'll forever be a little sad that those two are likely not going to get together, we did learn that Anna and Blake's characters share a kiss in their new movie, and I'm on board with that.

So, what was that moment like, exactly? Well according to Anna, the only thing she had on her mind at that moment was that she really needed some gum, and she said that Blake was the same way.

"I’ve never experienced a guy, like, searching for a mint and searching for gum. So, we were the mintiest, freshest two people to have ever kissed in the history of America," she said.

Twitter is also very much here for this on-screen kiss, even after having no idea that it was happening at all.

She also spoke about where her and Blake's characters fall on the Kinsey scale.

"I think Emily is a surprise for Stephanie, and she is completely in love with her in a way that she can’t totally understand. I do think that Stephanie probably would define herself as straight, except that there is this woman and she really is kind of in love with her and there is a part of her that is attracted to her," she explained.

As for actually filming that scene, Anna says that neither she nor Blake wanted to be the "aggressor" in that scene.

"Blake was worried that she would come off as taking advantage of me in that scene because I’m in a very vulnerable place, and I was worried that I would come off like I wanted so much more, and that Blake is just kind of playing and Emily is very comfortable with the fluid aspects of her sexuality, whereas Stephanie has more of an emotional component to it."

She explained that she was worried it would be really sad. They struggled to find a perfect balance of a moment that they both get caught up in, and it's "a little uncomfortable."

We'll have to wait for the movie to hit theaters before we really understand what Anna is talking about, but I'm so here for the LGBT positivity and would love to see more of it going forward!

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