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Monday, 17 September 2018

Bizarre But Brilliant Inventions For Everyday Problems

Bizarre But Brilliant Inventions For Everyday Problems

I would like to think that I'm a pretty smart person. 
That being said, I am horrible at hacks and crafts and coming up with ways to make my life easier. Which doesn't make me sound too smart at all...but I am good at finding brilliant people online who have made their lives easier! 
Maybe they're not the superheroes we want, but they are the ones we need.   

1. Because does anyone ever actually use all the ketchup packs???

 I don't think so. Mine just kind of appear in random drawers and fridge shelves, even though I know I'll grab the bottle every time. Might as well share the wealth!

2. I am notorious for leaving dirty things on the stove 

And while this doesn't solve the whole dripping issue, I think it's a lot more sanitary. Which is what should probably be my first concern...but you know, that's not the way I think. 

3. So instead of just sitting around doing laundry, you can work out too? WHY ISN'T THIS EVERYWHERE?!

I don't like working out or doing laundry, so this kind of looks like hell to me, BUT I can recognize that it makes a lot of sense!

4. No more waiting for the elevator? Down

Okay, or up, whatever direction you're going in. But this would make me feel like I reallyhave my life together on my way out of my building. No need to pause at all!

5. I didn't even know a pump lock could break, but this is a clever solution

Okay, let's be real, I don't even know what a pump lock is because I'm completely clueless when it comes to cars. 

6. Do you KNOW how many times I've moved and never thought of this????

Uhhh...13 times. That's a lot. A lot more than I thought, tbh, so it really blows my mind that I've never, ever seen this. 

7. The most colorful way to make sure people stay in their lane

And it's pretty cheap too. I wish that it didn't have to be a thing, but we ALL know that it is. 

8. If every tag had this much sass, the world would be a better place

Okay, maybe not, but I sure as heck would be a lot happier. And I mean, back in the day? I would just give it to Mom.

9. Ideally, all windows would have that nifty sun shade that blocks the sun, but I mean, this works too

Now, using this EXACT thing would make me hungry all the time, BUT HEY, THAT'S JUST ME. 

10. Even I know that cars can get some pretty funky smells, especially on hot days 

SO you can use one of those yummy smelling wax melts in a cup that will melt as it gets hotter to balance it out!

11. Who the heck has a cord long enough for this though?

Because I know I don't...but it looks pretty nifty and would be great — as long as you don't drop it on your face. 

12. This is a little too bougie for me, but I get it 

Honestly, though, it might be a step up from the whole chopsticks thing. I judge my coworker way too much when he pulls those bad boys out with Cheetos.

13. So this would solve my issue of earbuds getting tangled, but I already have a bad tendency to lose my pens

All I can think of now is if I lost my pen, I would ALSO lose my headphones. 

14. Bonus points to this lifehack for being both safe AND nicely organized

Getting those cleaning supplies out of the way and the away from your kids? Sounds like a win to me! And it totally wouldn't be an expensive fix either. 

15. It cracks me up that someone thought of this with automatic censors while we all just deal with random flushes 

My washroom visits are now going to be so much more...calm? Not full of surprises? Normal? I'm not sure of the correct wording, but you get me. 

16. I was today years old when I realized this was a thing

Yep, just about 27 years. And I am SHOOK! I'm not sure if ALL of them do this, but even if only this one does, that's an amazing idea

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