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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Here's The Tea On Slick Woods And RiRi In Under 5 Minutes

Here's The Tea On Slick Woods And RiRi In Under 5 Minutes

Slick Woods. 
If you don't know the name, you def know her face. 
The 22-year-old model (yes, 22) has blown UP these last few weeks after she proved that women are not to be messed with. 
Not that I had any doubt, but girl went above and beyond after workin' it in the Fenty x Savage lingerie show at New York Fashion Week — nine months pregnant. And the night ended with her going into labor! But we'll get to that.

Everything Slick does is cooler than anything I'll do ever in my life.

 Gener reveal? Usually, I'm "whatever" on them. But girl knows how to work EVERYTHING. 
Also, Slick used the hashtag #4MoreWeeksAndYouEvictedFromMyUterus and honestly, that's the best hashtag to do with being preggers. Ever.

If you need any proof that Slick is more than just a social media queen turned model, RiRi has handpicked her as her muse.

 This pic was snapped after the Fenty x Savage show, and Rihanna — known for treating her employees like family — captioned it saying she couldn't wait to meet Saphir, which is ADORABLE. Clearly, the baby couldn't wait to meet her either, seeing as he was born soon after. 

The Fenty x Savage line was already getting loads of attention online BEFORE the show.

 Thanks to Queen RiRi making sure that the line was size inclusive (holla!), it also and has shades for every skin tone. 
But after Slick walked the runway, it's safe to say the chatter got a lot louder. 

Slick also models for Rihanna's beauty line too, which is just as diverse as her lingerie line.

 And in the beauty world, that was basically unheard of before Fenty happened.
So Slick is out there making movies with RiRi in the beauty AND fashion world, which is impressive...but of course, it also comes with the haters. 

The reason I said you'd know her face is because she stands out, and that's not a bad thing. But of course, in today's world of Insta models, some folks on Twitter began to lash out about it.

Thankfully, the RiRi Navy came back at full force to support the model.

 All good points and solid logic, and I love a good clapback that doesn't drag anyone else in the progress. 


 Like, girl could smize her way down any runway and I'd be standing in applause. Plus, I think the fact that she's embraced the gap in her teeth is 10/10. 

And I never thought I could tie in The Office, one of the best shows ever, with anything Rihanna-related, but here we are. 

 Basically, it means a whole lot of people who don't know Slick personally are debating whether or not she's attractive based solely on what's conventional. 

Which, if you haven't see that episode, translates to everyone talking a whole bunch of nonsense

 I'm of the mindset that if the girl is landing so many campaigns, pulling looks on social media, AND is RiRi's muse, then it really isn't anyone's business.

It all boils down to this, ladies and gents:

 And I don't think you can argue with the fact that Slick's iconic AF. I mean, her baby — a literal newborn — already is because of his grand entrance. 

She worked red carpets with the baby belly like no one had before.

 Which to me is basically foreshadowing that the runway would be a piece of cake for her. 

To be perfectly blunt, the internet is focusing on ALL the wrong things.

 Which isn't anything new, tbh, but I wish we'd learn for once. 
Like, I've never been in labor, but most women take a mat leave and rest up. Not stomp down a runway looking fierce AF.

A visualization of how I'm reacting to all the negative talk:

I'd love to see any of the haters pull off what Slick does while looking so effortless. AND I should mention in heels because I can't even walk a few steps in heels.

Slick has even penned a public letter to thank Rihanna, and it hit me right in the feels.

Which I think truly shows that it's more than just modeling or working together. She knows her life has been changed, and I'm into that.

So let's just end the tea and talk about what she's pulled off instead.

She got asked to be a model, so clearly she's just fine. And even if she isn't, why can't we just let Slick keep doing Slick?

Because if you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say it.

 Or tweet it, or whatever. Like, we learned that in grade school, guys, let that sit for a second. 

So praise RiRi for making this all happen, and bow down to Slick for not letting anything stop her.

I need to see more women out there doing their thing no matter what. 

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