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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Pics That Took A Strange Turn

Pics That Took A Strange Turn

Sometimes, a quick surprise is good to shake you out of a boring, gray day. Especially if you can get a laugh out of it, too!
So with that in mind, I went on a hunt for images to surprise your eyes and wiggle your giggles. Can giggles wiggle? These are important questions.

1. Another tragic victim of the face swap.

Joined by other such mistakes as "puppy with the face of a weird vent in the background" and "me trying to be funny by shopping my mum's face with the Wicked Witch of the West."

2. I've never been more attracted to carrots than I am right now. I mean, besides carrot cake.

I mean, I'm all about getting my vegetables, but usually, it's those walnuts and cream cheese icing that make it a snacc.

3. For a second, I thought that this was just a crazy ramp in the middle of the hypest bike lane of all time.

But now I see it's a lump made of pure passive-aggression, and I'm still pretty into it.

4. This turkey is riding in style, but can you imagine peeking in this carriage if you were behind it at the store?

I mean, I know I said surprises can be awesome, but I don't think "turkey baby" is one of them.

5. Yeah, I dunno about this one. 

I mean, I'm laughing, but I'm also cringing at the sound this thing must make. Whup-whup-whup-whup... Gross. I definitely don't like that.

Although realistically, there's a lot worse that could happen on  a bike.

Sorry Mario, but your princess is in another gymnasium. Or just anywhere that's not here. Pleeeeeeease go.

6. "Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about the letter Z?"

It's those dang Canadian zebras, messing up our alphabet song and eating our maple syrup.

7. If you look up "bravery" in the dictionary, you might see this image.

Or "unicycle cardio." Or "Dude, we told you, that's against gym policy."

8. This is a pretty perfect "shocked" face. 

Not the dude, the tub thing. Or the dude. It's a decent pairing. I feel like if the tub was trying to buy beer, it could use the dude's ID.

I will say that it's not the best screaming face I've ever seen, though. Frankly, its emotions are a little contrived.

But you can't expect quality acting from a bathing appliance.

9. I feel this vertical journey with every dark corner of my heart.

I had a bad experience tubing when I was a kid, and the fear has never left me. Godspeed, cottagers.

10. Oh, wow, haha...why have I never thought of this before?

I mean, who dreams up this crazy stuff, am I right?
*furiously shreds all the blueprints for toilet-desk prototypes* 
Haha...so random.

11. I feel like there are less obvious ways you can show your date that you care about good hygiene, but the ol' nose hair magnifier seems to work, so...

Good luck, I guess.

12. I might be going crazy, because I really can't tell whether this is shopped or just the result of awesome makeup skills.

Either way, it's gonna...raise a lot of eyebrows. Heyooo!

13. So, this has to be in the top five for Power Rangers villains, right?

Tremble before Blastroxia, the Demon Tuba of Deep Space! Beware her Warbling Doom Siren!

Low brass instruments are a source of constant amusement for me.

And not just the instruments themselves, but the musicians, too. Now there's a dude who can't appreciate a good surprise.

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