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Sunday, 9 September 2018

This Bride Posted A Rant About Her Canceled Kardashian-Inspired Wedding, And It's Wild

This Bride Posted A Rant About Her Canceled Kardashian-Inspired Wedding, And It's Wild

No one said that weddings were easy. Dreams come with a cost, and stress seems to have no end in sight. Heck, the world made up the word "bridezilla" to describe a bride whose demands have reached into the realm of the unreasonable.

One woman found herself epitomizing the word "bridezilla" after her Facebook post announcing the cancellation of her wedding went viral on Twitter and wedding-shaming Facebook groups.

Just four days before the wedding, the bride took to Facebook to make her announcement. Not only would the wedding not be going on as planned, she was no longer in a relationship with her former fiancé due to "irreparable problems."

She apologized for the inconvenience, but wanted the chance to clear the air about her side of the story. 

She started off talking about how she and her would-have-been husband met as 14-year-olds working on her family farm together. 

He proposed when they were 18, and they had a child a few years later. They worked on their careers and had saved up about $15,000 for her dream wedding. 

The bride, seeing her relationship as a fairy tale, wanted a fairy-tale wedding to match it. "I just wanted to be a Kardashian for a day and then live my life like normal," she wrote. 

So they planned a destination wedding in Aruba, with an estimated price tag of about $60,000.

If you're following along and doing the math, you can see where the dream and reality are at a bit of an impasse.

We're looking at about a $45,000 gap between what the wedding would cost and what the couple had saved.

So the couple turned to their guests for help. In lieu of gifts, they were asking for cash donations toward making the wedding happen. They did the math and figured that they could ask each guest for...wait for it...

$1,500 apiece.

Anyway, there were enough people who were willing to contribute (the maid of honor offered $5,000 and the groom's family did the same to the tune of $3,000), that the bride figured her request was a reasonable one. 

She explicitly said, "We made it CLEAR. If you couldn't contribute, you weren't invited to our exclusive wedding. It's a once [in] a lifetime party." 

When only 8 people RSVP'd, the bride was outraged. To make matters worse, both the "[expletive] maid of honor" and the groom's family withdrew their offers. 

So she re-sent her invitations, asking people to pay what they could, even if it was just $1,000.

Then, she wrote, things got so much worse when her Judas of an ex made the worst suggestion imaginable.

A phone call to the maid of honor didn't make anyone feel any better. 

The now-ex best friend suggested that maybe the bride should try to keep things under the budget she had instead of going crazy trying to dream too big. But that suggestion just spat in the face of our bride's Kardashian-inspired nuptial goals. 

Pretty soon, everybody jumped ship, and the rest of the bridesmaids asked for their deposits back, a request the bride firmly refused.

So what happens to a bridezilla when she no longer has a wedding to prepare for? 

Apparently, she's deleting her Facebook account and taking the money they had saved to go on a backpacking trip in South America.

She signed off on the post by letting everyone know that she wasn't leaving a single bridge unburned — "A friendly reminder to you [expletive]. Don't think you own me. I am cutting all you snakes off. I am living my life alone now. I only let in those I believe have good intentions. Xoxo." Meanwhile, everyone watching was just like...

Unsurprisingly, her Facebook friends — perhaps hearing about this situation for the first time — found it hard to sympathize.

If nothing else, I guess this is a lesson to not try to live a life that you can't afford. You don't get to just live like a Kardashian because you feel like it.

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