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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Everything To Know About Deciem's Drama In 5 Minutes Or Less

Everything To Know About Deciem's Drama In 5 Minutes Or Less

Canadian beauty brand Deciem opened up shop in 2013 and has since taken the skin carecommunity by storm. 
Since their launch just five years ago, the company has opened stores across in the United States and Mexico, as well as across the pond in the UK, Sydney, Melbourne, and South Korea.
Quickly becoming a household beauty name, Deciem and its employees have built a reputation on their crazy low prices and their even crazier social media habits.

Deciem's main claim to fame has been their incredibly affordable and effective skin care brand, The Ordinary.

If you're a beauty lover, you may recognize the minimalistic design and packaging — The Ordinary was sold in Sephora until this past summer. 

The Ordinary website states that their products were "created to celebrate integrity in its most humble and true form."

The website goes on to say that its "offering is pioneering, not in the familiar technologies it uses, but in its honesty and integrity. The Ordinary is born to disallow commodity to be disguised as ingenuity."

Beyond The Ordinary, Deciem stores also offered a wide variety of skin and hair care products from brands such as The Chemistry, Hylamide, Stemm, and Niod.

Basically, the brand's aesthetic was that of a minimalistic, millennial dream with gorgeous skin care to boot. Its grown a major cult following in just a short period of time. 

It seems like Deciem should be a total success story, right? Well, sweet darlings, things aren't always as they seem...

Like most notable brands, Deciem has been involved in a little online controversy, mostly due to its founder and CEO, Brandon Truaxe.

It started back in January 2018 when The Ordinary released their 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Marula Oil, which you can still purchase.

In the description of their product, The Ordinary took a jab at skin care competitor Drunk Elephant, by saying "one would have to be drunk to overpay for Marula."

The shade thrown at Drunk Elephant has to do with the vast price difference between the two companies 30ml Marula oil bottles. Needless to say, skin care fans were shook.

The Ordinary sells their 30ml bottle for $9.90, while Drunk Elephant sells theirs for $72.

More petty shade was thrown to unsuspecting beauty brand Fresh when Truaxe posted this picture of a closed Fresh store, with the caption "Bye Buy."

Fresh later clarified in the comments of said post that they were simply relocating this store to a new location up the block. 

The drama has been kinda random so far, right? But then something superstrange happened. Truaxe posted this cryptic video on Deciem's Instagram page.

In the video, he claims this is the "final post" of Deciem, which will "shut down all operations until further notice."

His caption reads, "A revolution is coming. Every one of you who has been laughing at me will with certainty face criminal prosecution."

In his video, he says that everyone at Deciem has been involved in "major criminal activity" and to "please take him seriously."

Amongst other things, he rants that he's been "made fun of, as a porn actor, and as a ******* drug dealer and everything, for thirteen years." 

And goes on to call out many companies and individuals, including Estée Lauder, Too Faced, Mariott, H&M, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt. 

Feeling lost? You're not alone. 

Many people became confused and concerned for the company and for Truaxe himself while sipping this hot gossip tea.

If the company is really shutting down like Truaxe said, many people will be out of jobs andtheir favorite skin care products. 

Some people have been speculating that there might be a business conspiracy involved...

Though no one can say what's happening for certain, it seems like Truaxe is genuinelyconcerned for his employees and himself.

Others found out about the closing in the flesh and were shocked by the news.

I'm screaming at the "PLEASE DON'T GET MAD" door sign, tho. DECIEM STAYING ICONIC EVEN AFTER DEATH?!

But the drama doesn't stop there. Estée Lauder, which owns a minority stake in Deciem, is coming after Truaxe. 

In a recent Instagram post, Truaxe posted screenshots of a legal notice from the beauty conglomerate. The supposed notice shows that Estée Lauder wants to remove Truaxe from Deciem's Board of Directors and appoint Deciem's co-CEO, Nicola Kilner, as the sole interim CEO. 

The notice also asks to prohibit Truaxe from communicating, firing, or hiring staff, and issuing statements on any of Deciem's social media accounts.

While there hasn't been any news on whether Truaxe made it to court (his alleged hearing was scheduled for October 10, 2018), it looks like he recently touched down in Amsterdam

What we know for sure is that Deciem will be greatly missed by us budget beauty lovers if it is shut down for good. 

All we can do is hope Deciem will bounce back! Stay tuned for more tea.

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