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Tuesday 23 October 2018

Masterpieces Of Improvisation And Creative Wizardry

Masterpieces Of Improvisation And Creative Wizardry

When the chips are down and you're between paychecks, you might have to resort to your wits to take care of problems. It'll take no small measure of know-how, resourcefulness, and probably plenty of zip ties and duct tape.
Check out how these Macgyvers creatively fixed their issues with what they had on hand. It's not always pretty, but it doesn't have to be pretty to work.

1. I'm not sure this qualifies as Iron Chef material, but credit to the cook who won't go without a hot meal tonight after crafting this complicated setup.

And worst case scenario, there are still the cashews, so it's basically a win-win.

2. If your toaster breaks but you have a space heater, don't worry, you don't have to settle for non-crispy, entirely crunchless, room-temperature bread.

This guy has life figured out.

3. Weightlifters don't get properly swole without pushing their limits, so you can't expect them to settle for what weights are on hand.

When the dumbbells aren't big enough, tape another plate on!

4. This is easily the least expensive repair to a cruise control that I've ever seen.

And for anybody who's worried, no, this doesn't jam the cruise control into an "always on" situation — hitting the brakes will still turn it off.

5. You can do a lot of things with pallet boards and zip ties, like expand your roof rack.

Just be careful putting anything heavy on top and expecting those zip ties to not fail on the first corner. 

6. I would never want to get behind the wheel when towing this load, but you have to give some kind of award to whoever arranged all those tractors to fit on a single trailer.

You have to admit, that's an amazing loading job.

7. If you live with a crafter, you don't have to suffer holes in your rain boots, because there's probably a hot glue gun or two in the house.

Presto, hole patch!

8. So, if you're one of those people who thinks air horns aren't loud enough, apparently you can attach an air compressor nozzle and have some fun.

Those earplugs are highly recommended, however. You'll be popular!

9. If you live with cats, you know the struggle of trying to use a laptop around cats all too well. The solution? Make a decoy.

To really sucker your feline in, put a heating pad underneath.

10. Breaking an arm off your glasses isn't just annoying — it's also expensive.

But hey, if you don't mind walking around with a bendy straw taped to your frames, you don't have to spend nearly that much.

11. If you break your rake and your hockey stick, well, you might actually only have a broken hockey stick to replace.

A hockey stick makes an excellent, and unique, rake handle.

12. Why do gaming keyboards cost so much more than regular keyboards when, really, all you need is to highlight the important keys.

And to do that, spray paint and masking tape will do the trick.

13. See, there's still a good reason to get a CD player in your car stereo.

It saves you cash on a dashboard phone mount, and you don't have to ditch your discs, either.

14. One of the big barriers to breaking into the music biz is the cost. Equipment is expensive.

Garbage bins are much less expensive than stand speakers, however. There's no way they work as well, but what do you expect for $20?

15. You've got to fake it until you make it, right?

It looks like this might even be a Merc that lost its badge, but I still don't think the starfish will fool many people for very long.

16. When your chapstick keeps rolling off your desk, get it to stick in one spot with Velcro.

You know that somebody will see this and have absolutely everything attached to their desk with Velcro the next day.

17. As projector installation jobs go, you have to give high marks for creativity even as you call dibs on not sitting underneath it.

I would never have thought to ratchet strap it to a chair and suspend it from the ceiling.

18. I also would never have thought of attaching a bicycle to a shopping cart, but wow would that make getting groceries home more interesting.

Also noisy, but still so much more convenient if you don't have a car.

19. I guess this is technically a riding lawnmower, although it could really use an off-road tire.

And I do wonder if it would do as good a job as just pushing it would. But it might be fun to try!

20. I'm never sure how to dry out my shoes, but I do know that they never dry fast enough.

So if I had multiple pairs of soaked shoes, yeah, I'd give this a try.

21. When the city takes its sweet time filling potholes, you just know somebody's going to get creative in the name of saving some grief. 

And this is a job half done, at least. There is concrete in the hole now, and you can probably drive over it without messing up your car too badly.

22. Okay, we can't exactly recommend replacing a car seat with a chair from a kindergarten classroom.

We just had to acknowledge that someone did it, and hope that the authorities were notified, because that's all kinds of unsafe.

23. Hey, sometimes a cosmetic fix is all you've got, like for this burn hole in a pair of pants.

It's not so much a hole as it is an artistic opportunity!

24. When all else fails, frame it and pretend you meant for it to look like that.

Once again, art wins out. If only you could strike it rich auctioning that off, amirite?

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