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Thursday, 18 October 2018

People Who Had To Leave Their Comfort Zone Behind

People Who Had To Leave Their Comfort Zone Behind

Leaving your comfort zone can be a little scary, but sometimes you have to take a chance or two just to feel like you're not missing out.
For instance, I thought I would enjoy spending a year in solitude surrounded by things I already knew I liked, but it turns out that working from home ain't all it's cracked up to be.
So even though some of the people on this list enjoyed their experience more than others, all of them can at least say they did something different.

1. Haha, that's definitely worth looking crazy for, but it probably wasn't helping her case if she kept telling everyone this was a shark. 

Whatever she saved it from, somebody's gonna have to save it from her if she doesn't put it back in the water.

2. It's like they always say. Some days, there's just no elevator for your giant corn.

Hmm, and I guess those steps wouldn't be wide enough for her to just set it down, huh? All I know is that this better also be 10 times more delicious.

3. I suppose this guy had to choose to do this, but nothing about his face tells me that this is in his comfort zone.

I'd be full of blissful relief if I was doing this on a really hot day, so that can't be it. Why, then?

4. Of course, not everybody can enter a whole new world on their own. Some people just need to push us.

Of course, a world with this much disrespect isn't one we're trying to visit again, but our fellow travelers need to get those negative reviews somehow.

5. It pains me to speak on behalf of a goose, but I'd love to know what law Gus was breaking here.

Although, a lot is happening here, so maybe they're leaving about the part where he pecked the officer on the way in.
That's resisting arrest, Gus.

6. It's the mark of a true grandmaster if they can focus on the game while everybody's farting and moaning around them.

All I know is that a lot of us are wishing somebody had our backs this much when we hid in the bathroom during class.

7. I think people should follow their dreams, but competitive barefoot running probably ain't it if this is what's stopping them.

Even putting aside who's responsible for what happens when a squirrel party gets too lit, wouldn't you understand the risks before you take off the shoes?

8. Unfortunately, times like these remind us that fitting into every parking spot isn't worth losing a navigator.

Let's face it, we all need a good buddy to keep us grounded when we start getting wild ideas like driving on the sidewalk and underestimating wet cement.

9. Hmm, it's very inspiring to see someone so focused on winning.

When your eyes are on the prize, those little things like fatigue, self-doubt, and which way a bottle's nozzle is pointing just fade into the background.
He won't just be thirsty for victory before long, though.

10. Oof, that sign probably would've been a lot more useful on the other side of the door.

Otherwise, we might as well just call on the less-than-helpful powers of Hindsight Lad, who's every bit as much of a terrible superhero as he sounds.

11. You know things are looking grim when the positive news box is basically saying, "I've got nothing."

That flyer suggests they could even put a positive spin on being broke, but the world's got them stumped.
Are...any of us in our comfort zone? Answer me, cartoon baby!

12. Usually, the rest of us are pretending to be kids on the inside when we goof around like this, but this dude's going the extra mile.

Yup, no crudely drawn fake IDs that say "I am 12" for this guy. His are laminated, thank you very much.

13. I'd say this lady must know how Alice must have felt, but I actually think Alice had it easier.

Not only could she just drink something to fit this "cozy" apartment a little better, but she's not the one paying $1,000 a month for it.

14. Fortune favors the bold, but I'm not sure it knows what to do when boldness looks this timid.

The allure of hot dogs that only cost a buck makes even the risk of supermarket espionage seem worthwhile.
I think that's how the meek will inherit the earth.

15. Haha, the times may have forced this man to get a smartphone, but he's not letting them cage his old school spirit.

He obviously hasn't had the dreadfully long conversations I have if he actually wants that thing pressed against his ear, but to each their own.

16. This spooky customer won't be able to see the results but, I still wouldn't slack on this order if I worked here.

If the other monsters make fun of this guy's crappy posters when they get together to do the Monster Mash, he'll have his revenge.

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