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Sunday, 7 October 2018

People Who Mastered Having A Good Time

People Who Mastered Having A Good Time

When our days get busy, it can sometimes be kind of hard to switch off that part of our brain that thrives during panic-mode. 
Sure, we can flop into our beds after just one day like that and shut the world out with a pillow fort, but when we invite panic mode in enough, it likes to get comfortable.
So sometimes, we need our friends to drag us out to stuff we know we'll like, but don't entirely feel like.
And if those friends are anything like these people, we're in good hands.

1. There's a time and a place to defiantly scream, "turn down for what," but we do need to bring it back down eventually.

 So this guy's got a pretty good system. If the cat thinks he's had enough, it's time to call it a night.

2. Whoever did this is reminding us of something important. Before you haul off some junk, ask yourself, "Can I make a Flintstones car with it?"

Considering how they went all Hollywood on this, I wouldn't be surprised if they somehow got their hands on the actual Michael Myers suit.
They're overloaded with extragen.

4. Oh, dear. Steve Harvey apparently heard someone say something weird on Family Feud one too many times if he's going down this road.

 There's enough Harry Potter fanfiction in the world to fill an ocean, but I'll bet that not one of those stories has explored this yet.

5. Now I know why my last flight was so stressful. I didn't roll into that airport with three hats on.

The kind of chill that inspires that idea is also the kind that doesn't mind if you lose one along the way.
It's somebody's lucky charm now.

6. I guess if focusing on your studies really isn't an option, there are worse ways to goof off than this.

 After all, spreading the joy of Shrek is important work, and there simply aren't enough hours in the day for everything.

7. Not only is this a good way to spend an afternoon, but it's also a good way to flex, if you must.

 If you only make confusing comparisons with delicious swag, people will think you're living the life and you don't have to go into debt.

8. I don't normally bother talking about what I did on the weekend, but that would instantly change if I spent it being a motorcycle samurai.

 At least a few of us said that was our dream job when we were six years old. We owe it to ourselves.

9. Aw man, whoever was texting this kid probably wasn't laughing, but their coworkers definitely were.

 All I'm saying is that my deadline would have to be terrifyingly close for me not to love this response almost as much as what I actually wanted.

10. If the party ain't so lit that it's making the bricks twist, don't invite me.

 I like the way that sounds. I'd probably start using it if anyone who hasn't seen this picture had any hope of figuring out what I'm saying.

11. I don't wanna hear all the details about this, but I'll admit it must feel like you're riding in style.

 I have just one question: Does the toilet actually work? If so, that's one sweet ride for the rider and anyone who's in front of them.

12. I know I'm assuming this person's having a good time, but it's not like anyone puts on a newspaper suit by accident.

 So when they finish reading it, do they just add another paper to the suit? Does it make them more powerful?

13. Sure, wiping out isn't usually the fun part of skateboarding, but I think that kinda changes when the stakes are this low.

 I mean, let's not pretend there aren't ways to get this same rush that do a lot more damage than a slightly sore butt.

14. I've seen enough angry monkeys to recognize how valuable it is when they start reacting like this.

 Not only is one of them laughing hard enough to make me envious, but the other's curious about the phone and not breaking it?
Are we sure these aren't unicorns?

15. Aw, come on. Moths really have to freak you out if you can't appreciate the beautiful bond between one and their precious lamp.

 Not to mention, it looks like that moth has a championship belt, which means I need tickets to whatever wrestling league that is pronto.

16. Even as a non-fan, it would be pretty hard to stay grumpy when a face that happy is greeting me every morning.

And I'm someone who really enjoys my bed and thinks it's incredibly rude that my alarm insists on interrupting my time with it.

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