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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Twitter Is Relating Hard To Meghan Markle's Fashion Flop

Twitter Is Relating Hard To Meghan Markle's Fashion Flop

If you've made it this far in life without ever having to deal with at least one or two fashion fails, then you're absolutely lying.
Big or small, the odd flop happens to the best of us, and all we can do is laugh (and hope that nobody saw us). We can't help but feel a little bad for Meghan Markle's fashion fail, though, because it was captured by dozens of photographers. 

All eyes have been on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry since they announced that they were expecting their first child in the spring of 2019.

We love any and all things to do with royal babies, so naturally, this news is the highlight of our year.

Immediately after their announcement, they took off on their first royal tour as husband and wife.

According to Hello!, they'll spend the last 16 days in October traveling around Australia, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga, and New Zealand.

So far, the trip has been a success, and we've enjoyed some pretty adorable moments.

Meghan received her first of many baby gifts from fans, and we even started to see the hint of a baby bump!

On top of that, we've been drooling over Meghan's many fashionable moments.

This is a personal fav. I'm digging the beach vibes that I'd never be able to pull off in a million years. 

Unfortunately, not every fashion moment can be a 10/10.

And by that, I mean that this was a 9/10. 
It really wasn't that much of a fail, I'd say it was more of "she's only human" kind of moment.

Fans were quick to notice that when Meghan stepped off the plane in Tonga, her dress still had the sales tag attached at the bottom of it.

This really is breaking news, don't act like it isn't. 

Literally nobody gave her a hard time for it, though.

Instead, Twitter came through and could relate with the mishap, because really, who hasn't been there before?

Basically everybody admitted that most of the time they're running around with their life falling apart at the seams.

This is a big mood.

Others couldn't help but suggest that maybe Meghan purposefully kept the tag on.

You know, so she could wear it for the day and then return it for her money back. 

Seeing as Prince Harry is like, sixth in line for the throne, the couple is clearly pinching pennies wherever they can.

She was even given the benefit of the doubt, because the bottom of a lengthy dress is a really horrible place for a sales tag.

Everyone knows that it should go on the collar or the sleeve.

Really though, people were just happy to see that Meghan is human and makes mistakes like the rest of us.

Or you know, her style team makes mistakes. Meghan is still flawless, thank you very much.

Of course, Meghan isn't the first celebrity to face a little fashion flop like this.

There was the time when Jennifer Hudson's zipper on her skirt tore open while appearing on the Chelsea Lately showChelsea leapt to her rescue, but it was definitely an embarrassing moment for Jen! 

Mariah Carey has even faced a fashion flop back in 2013 when the back of her dress popped open while live on Good Morning America.

Her assistant came running on stage to put it back together, and Mariah handled the whole thing pretty gracefully. 

My point is, these things happen to the best of us, and we're sure that Meghan is far from embarrassed right now.

I mean, she's on a royal tour with her husband, PRINCE HARRY

Anyway, I'm well aware that there are more urgent issues going in the world today other than Meghan Markle's sales tag sticking out from her dress, but let me live, okay?

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